Long Live Ghosts!

Long Live Ghosts!

A trespassing gang of boys encounter a ghost in the ruins of a castle. When they rescue the ghost who is caught in a trapset, they become allies in a fight to prevent ruins from being turned into mushroom farm by the city authorities.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Czech
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ghost,   forest,   knight,  

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Long Live Ghosts! torrent reviews

Jennifer C (au) wrote: I went to see this movie last night and I found it very Historically wonderful. I love movies that are Historically correct. I felt like I was there... It was very good.

Johnny N (it) wrote: Funny madness of a film reminding me of the BadBoys Franchise.

Ryan C (mx) wrote: A coming of age cult hit, "Swingers" defies the essence of being cool as it shows Hollywood wannabes hitting nightclubs hoping to pick up women.

Aaron A (es) wrote: Wow! This movie is insanely good. The only inner-city crime movie that can even compete with it is Menace II Society. This is the East Coast's version of Menace, and thats saying alot.

Caroline R (us) wrote: My god i have looked everywhere for this film - i loved it as a kid and know Declan will too. I'm on a mission to find it now!!

(es) wrote: All film adaptations of novels present difficulties since they usually present more story than you can tell in 120 minutes. What is the core of the novel? What story best reflects that core? What essentials must stay? What do you have to leave out?The Sound and the Fury is an utterly unadaptable novel, and it's a fool's errand to try. It's hard enough to figure out what the story even is from Faulkner's stream of consciousness. Now try and figure out a story from that thing in Hollywood in the 1950s that will look like a movie and will survive the Hays Office censorship and become a commercial success. Jeez, why try? Do yourself a favor and option a Zane Grey novel.In memory of my old Honors English teacher Miss Lucas, I gave Martin Ritt's The Sound and the Fury a shot. You can approach a film adaptation of a novel one of two ways - how does it serve the source material, and how does it stand on its own? You'd better choose #2 on this one, because I'll tell you right now, this film has as much resemblance to Faulkner's novel as it has to Green Eggs and Ham. Separating this particular novel from its impenetrable style will probably always deprive it of its oxygen; the style IS the substance. Without the dense impossible prose, it's just a story of a messed-up family. If you can't spend time in Benjy's head or Quentin's head or Jason's head, then it's not The Sound and the Fury.So then you're left with yet another movie about the decaying and decadent South, with nattering women and brooding men, all deep in their own shame and lust. The film concentrates on Caddy's daughter Quentin and her struggle of wills with her Uncle Jason (a step-uncle here so the Hays Office will let them kiss). The script knits together a viable narrative, not terribly plausible and impossibly distant from the novel. Jason and Quentin discover newfound respect for each other and live happily ever after? Are you freakin' kidding me???At least you have a couple of first-rate performances here from Joanne Woodward and Ethel Waters as Quentin and Dilsey, respectively. Joanne Woodward was 28 at the time, playing a 16-ish girl. Her talent is jaw-dropping. Just watching her absently walk 15 feet puts you straight into her mindset - bored, angry, curious, aimless, unsure, impatient for what life has waiting for her. Ethel Waters played the standard role just about every middle-aged black woman played back then - housemaid to white people. Her every moment is pain - physical pain, emotional pain, memory pain. Happily, the screenwriters spared her most of the bossy Mammy-type dialogue this role usually gets and gave her dialogue that was short, succinct and cut right to the character's truth. She bore the pain of all the years with this horrible family her every moment on screen.Yul Brynner carries all the appropriate power and anger you'd want from a Jason, but it's sadly impossible to ignore his Russian accent. Did they really think we'd think his accent was Cajun? Sheesh.

Greg W (br) wrote: hitch mixes nazi spies and murder and mayhem

Allan C (fr) wrote: Barbara Stanwyck sleeps her day to the top, going from a speakeasy and boxcar to the top executives of a NYC bank in this dirty pre-production code film. This is probably the most overtly sexual film I've seen from the pre-code period of Hollywood. The version I saw was the original 76 minute version that was discovered in 2004 and even more boundary pushing than the original 71 minute release. John Wayne even has a bit part as an office worker, which is a kick. Darryl F. Zanuck was even on of the writers on this film. In terms of filmmaking, it's not a brilliant story, but the film contains a lot of novelty that makes it a whole lot of fun. Stanwyck is particularly delicious in such a conniving role. A great film for fans of this sort of pre-code Hollywood stuff!

Rawballs B (au) wrote: Truly a tearjerker movie for dogs and their masters... :')

House M (de) wrote: Old Mastroianni is very funny. Guiseppe Tornatore's ability to take a serious background story and make it a funny film is incredible. This is his masterpiece until now. Funny and entertaining. Very good but not must see.

Frank J (kr) wrote: This is a movie for 12 year old boys; it shows a few boobs, ohhhhh. Absolute drivel for anyone else.0/10.

Brian S (fr) wrote: I do have to say that for a minuscule $15,000, it's impressive, but still, there are a lot of super boring and long scenes in this movie and the shaky camera will fucking give you head pains. The scares, especially during the last 5 minutes, are indeed disturbing, and the acting is very believable. Overall, it's alright, but it's not a great move either, it's just okay.

Francine D (br) wrote: GREAT MOVIE!! Don't listen to the Critics Reviews because this is a great movie!! Hilarious and Reese Witherspoon does play an excellent part!! Ignore the reviews!! Go see it!!!