Long Pants

Long Pants

Harry Shelby has been kept in knee pants for years by his overprotective parents, but the day finally comes when Harry is given his first pair of long pants. Almost immediately, he is expected to marry his childhood sweetheart Priscilla... but instead, Harry's first heady whiff of manhood has got him panting after Bebe, a "fast" woman from the big city. Mistakenly thinking that Bebe fancies him too, Harry risks everything to help her out when she lands in jail, only to end up in hot water himself. Through it all, sweet Priscilla waits for her man to come to his senses.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:60 minutes
  • Release:1927
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   prison,   cabaret,  

Harry Shelby has been kept in knee pants for years by his overprotective parents, but the day finally comes when Harry is given his first pair of long pants. Almost immediately, he is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shobhit S (kr) wrote: amazing script , yadav has rocked it with his acting....

Scott M (mx) wrote: Movie about a liar who goes around telling people that cigarettes are not bad for you. Smiling and laughing behind your back. Personally, I hated it for that very reason. I wanted to punch the guy in the face really bad. Just nothing about this I enjoyed.

Courtney K (mx) wrote: hmm; i disliked this & liked this all at the same time. it's super slow moving; it may have lost my attention once or twice, which is maybe part of the reason why i didn't know what was going on until the very end. but really, the story itself is pretty good -- i can't decide if the way they did it, though boring, was actually a pretty genius way of telling it or not.

Zdravko P (kr) wrote: The most fun movie I've watched in years. Kinda like Bill & Ted meet Bill Nighe. I really just wanted to say that cause it sounded cool.

Ellen G (jp) wrote: Joda, helt okey monty pyton sjrverfilm fra 80-tallet. Sikker p at jeg s David Bowie der i noen sekunder...

Samson D (it) wrote: Poetic but extremely depressing late 70's curio from the revered African-American director Charles Burnett.

Harry W (br) wrote: I don't really watch enough musical cinema, so Cabaret is a good step forward for me to be viewing it.I can't say that I was too pleased with the story in Cabaret, because it is a very thin one which expects the flashy musical numbers, talented cast and presumed context of the story to hide its simplicity and overshadow it. And there is no denying that it does, but it's still a lazily written one which doesn't have too much depth or originality as one may have hoped. The story in Cabaret plays second fiddle to its flash and rarely touches upon its Nazi universe, deciding instead to play it relatively safe and change it to being a love story between a nightclub performer and an academic. It tries to have serious drama in its subplots, but they are so barely touched upon that it doesn't even seem like the filmmakers should have bothered. Really, Cabaret is a simple love story underneath glitz and glam, but at least it is a good one.Cabaret is a very flash musical film. It has a lot of vibrant musical numbers with attractive stars, and so as a musical film it does the job. As a story set during WWII, it doesn't explore the setting enough and simply plays it off as a casual commodity, and the central love story between the protagonists is rather pointless because it doesn't really go anywhere and then suddenly ends abruptly at the end of the film with nothing left for it. I couldn't help but ask myself what the point of the entire love story was, except that so the film could stay within the context of being a musical film. But really, it just doesn't have the best story. Fans of classical Hollywood musicals should be able to appreciate it, but viewers looking for something more than a glamourously formulaic musical have other places to go. The subplots don't really add anything to the story either because they aren't really explored all that well or justified for being actually present.But for what it's worth, there are a lot worse musicals out there than Cabaret, and at least it doesn't over-glamourize itself. Thanks to Bob Fosse's Academy Award winning direction, Cabaret finds a certain sense of restraint which protects it from becoming as much of a cheesy film as it could have if it was mishandled. It keeps itself focused on the characters and on being a small scale story which is gentle and easy to watch without being excessively lighthearted. Cabaret actually does put some meaningful drama into the story and examines the relationship between a young American Cabaret singer and a bisexual Englishman. Thanks to a script which stays true to the play very well, Cabaret brings across the same characters from its source material and supplies them with a lot of strong dialogue.And visually, Cabaret is great. While it doesn't explore its historical context all that well, its visual depiction of 1930's Berlin is very believable thanks to the fine scenery and production design which gives it a firm sense of realism, as well as the fact that the characters all dress in appropriate costumes. It is all captured with a lot of nice cinematography and plays out against a strong musical score, and the visual and auditory aspects of the film combine to form a lot of flashy musical numbers which should please fans of the genre. So Cabaret is a film that knows what it can do and does it, even though there are a few areas where it could have improved itself.And thanks to the efforts of a tenacious cast, Cabaret is a rounding success.Liza Minelli is a terrific lead in Cabaret. The character Sally Bowles is truly the role that she was born to play because as well as emphasising her natural talent for dancing and singing as well as her subtle sex appeal, it really gives her a great character. Sally Bowles is a woman with ambition to really prove herself to the world and achieve her dreams, and that is precisely what Liza Minelli is actually doing in the role. Thanks to her beautiful singing voice, her ability to dance without fear and the fact that she can do all that and act out her character at the same time, she proves to be absolutely perfect for the role. Liza Minelli puts on a magnificent stage persona for the character during the flashy musical numbers, and when she is engaging in her character's complicated romantic relationship, she takes a step back and puts a lot of humanity into the role. Liza Minelli manages to create two key personas for the character Sally Bowles and nails both of them so well that she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for the role in a really deserving victory. Liza Minelli is one of the best reasons to see Cabaret, and she is the most joyful asset of the film.Michael York also gives a terrific performance. Although not having the most deep character, Michael York's natural English charm makes him a likable lead, and his ability to interact with the other cast members makes him a likable character to the rest of the crowd also. And his chemistry with Liza Minelli has a certain sense of truth to it. The passion between them feels genuine, and it is because both actors are dedicated to each other. And it makes Michael York really come off as a romantic. Michael York's ambitious charm makes him an ideal casting decision, and he delivers his lines with thought and honesty which results in a fine leading performance.Lastly, Joel Grey is memorable in Cabaret. With an appearance which has him looking like Charlie Chaplin in a John Waters movie, he makes a memorable impact. And from there he sinks into his gleefully over the top energy as the Emcee in Cabaret. His character is essentially a commodity that Cabaret wheels in when it needs some glamourous silliness and fun, and Joel Grey takes that knowledge and runs with it, injecting flamboyance into the film which is like a mix of vaudeville slapstick and The Rocky Horror Show. Joel Grey's supporting performance in Cabaret is funny and entertaining in a silly way, and I mean that in the best manner of speaking.So although Cabaret has an imperfect story and lacks sufficient explanation of its historical context, the charming performances of its cast and the musical energy of the film all shine under the direction of Bob Fosse.

Dave R (nl) wrote: it MADE ME CRY (and I see a lot of craziness at work). For ALL that follow a corporation blindly it might OPEN YOUR EYES

Fong K (it) wrote: viewed on 10/8/04 (Tues)It is a documentary made of the interviews of two mountaineers who survived a very very perilous journey down this west face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985 and the very realistic reenactment. Sorry, folks, I can't really relate to it. I don't know why. Maybe it is very similar to those life-assuring stories about overcoming impossible circumstances, like the ones we read in Readers' Digest. Maybe, I am not into mountaineering at all. The narration is very captivating, one of them even had tears in his eyes as he described the unbearable sense of abandonment in the cold wilderness. The reenactment is also very realistic. Did they do it with special effects? Did it in a studio? On location? Can't be, given the incredibly harsh climate and terrain! Well, at the end of the day, it still comes back to the same point. It is not I brush aside all the effort put in to tell a story of enormous willpower, but I just can't relate to it... fine?Rating: B-