Looking for a Daddy

Looking for a Daddy


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:Czech
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:nurse,   driver,   infant,  

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Looking for a Daddy torrent reviews

Facebook U (nl) wrote: Well done drama-comedy with a beauty gone pregnant and somewhat not wanting the baby. Solution? Kill it when you can, legally and with the support of family, friends and even the father potential. This film is located in the uncanny valley of love. It looks a lot like it but you realise at some point that it is a robot! It is an obvious attempt at white washing the serial killings of abortion. Well, if it's between englishes, who am I to stop it? *Shudder*

Jason L (us) wrote: Average movie, surprised to see Winona Ryder and James Franco in it.

Samuel B (ag) wrote: This is not a move to watch if you are seeking to be entertained, however that is what makes it good in my opinion. It is not a typical formula movie, as it follows some pretty ordinary people who work at a wal-mart type store in Montevideo, Uruguay, and specifically a night-shift-security guard who develops a crush on one of the night-cleaners by watching her over the security cameras, and then semi-stalking her for months before ever developing the courage to actually talk to her face to face. I can relate to this character somewhat, as sometimes it is much easier to live in your own mind with a fantasy idea of what a relationship or a person you have a crush on is (although it is really just an idea in one's mind and nothing more), than it is to actually meet that person and realize its all just an illusion in your head. That goes for places too, actually, the idea that a place or a person can fulfill you, or help you to be more "fully yourself." Well, that was a long review, check out the movie!

Mandi L (gb) wrote: This film is really strange and demented in a Black Swan kind of way. Really well executed in my opinion. The main girl reminds me of a distressed Lena Dunham. The acting was well done. The entire time I kept thinking "what a b*tch this tattoo personality is." You'd think an imaginary friend would be nice...but no. Ironic title considering her tattoo's personality was constantly bossing her around and putting her down all the time....not so comforting. I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good slow burning psychological thriller.

Tony O (nl) wrote: loved this movie. it's french, it's about a lot of things that interest me: an illogical passion for film, a family deeply in love with each other, and how allowing grief to have its way with you can benefit you in the end. the lead is deeply charismatic and his children are spectacular, reminded me of my own nieces... highly recommend.

Julia S (us) wrote: This wasn't as fun as I thought it would be, but it was excellent. Special shout out for Lisa (M (C)lusine Mayance), she was amazing and really made the film.

Brandon W (fr) wrote: So after watching Birdman, I was excited to see the other films the director made, but I wasn't excited to watch Biutiful as it was perhaps, going to expire on Netflix and I heard that it was very grim to watch, which after watching it, it was, but I still enjoyed it. Javier Bardem gives a great performance which probably makes him worth watching. The writing is really good, and the camerawork is impressive. The soundtrack is good, although it sometimes gets weird and out of place. The supporting cast are great, and the plot is a bit interesting, but confusing. The main problem is that the movie is way too long, and with a tone like this that is very grim, it can make a lot of people bored. The relationship between a father and his kids is great and it does feel like a real family. Biutiful is not for everyone as it's too depressing and very slow for some of the viewers, but for me, it seems like a lesser effort by the director who fixed his bit of mistakes by making Birdman.

Frances H (fr) wrote: Wonderful family animal story with genuine "Bambi" values--big game hunter becomes ex-big game hunter. Loved it!

Freeman M (mx) wrote: Unquestionably, the most underrated film of 2000. Beautifully acted and sharply written.

Alexander Z (ag) wrote: This is the sort of movie that would have benefited from just a few better actors, as there are a lot of great ideas in it. Walken is of course the star here.

Giovanna S (mx) wrote: Uno dei pi bei film di Ozpetek.

ricky c (ru) wrote: i use to be there yellow apt

Scott W (fr) wrote: Very good film with a strong emotional core. You don't have to know anything about chess to enjoy this.

Gail R (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. And surprised by all the poor reviews. I do agree with most that the Victorian love story was what kept my interest and the modern day couple's search for the truth. But the modern day couples love story I think was weak and needed more support. Still a movie I would watch again because I am hopeless romantic.

Entertain Me O (br) wrote: whoa fuck, that is the lowest audience score i have ever seen.

Daniel V (es) wrote: No this movie is not good but it is wonderful! I have always been a huge Warwick Davis fan from Jedi to the Ewok movies and of course the seriously underrated Willow! I was so happy to see this movie in 1993, got a free comic book(which I still have!) as did my brother and cousins, then we preceded to all fall in love with Jennifer Aniston. It's because of this, I started watching Friends. Flipping through the channels one October evening I stopped on this show and yelled, "Hey! The cute funny girl from Leprechaun!!!" Who knew it would become my favorite show ever?! Anyway, this movie falls in in the so bad its good category. It's a ton of fun. Warwick is charming even when he's an evil little murdering mythical creature. Love ya WARWICK!

Green M (gb) wrote: it's ok not the perfect Andrew Does good In the sam movies i didn't like how the webs come outta his Hands I like the web shooters better in this flim