Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

To improve its relations with Muslim countries, the United States government sends comedian Albert Brooks to south Asia to write a report on what makes followers of Islam laugh.

To improve its relations with Muslim countries, the United States government sends comedian Albert Brooks to south Asia to write a report on what makes followers of Islam laugh. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt G (nl) wrote: Funny to see how quaint the disagreements and politicking was even just 4 years ago. This is an unbelievably humanistic look at a seemingly inhuman family going through something almost incomprehensibly stressful. Full of sincerity and empathy, even if you're not a fan of political-Romney, you will struggle not being a fan of person-Romney.

Sterlin R (br) wrote: The only things I hate about Garfield is The Garfield Show and these CGI movies. Garfield looks terrible in CGI.

Esteban G (jp) wrote: What a terrible movie...

Jack B (ag) wrote: As a pet lover, I felt so nostalgic watching it- would definitely recommend it!

lauraandcarl k (ru) wrote: You'll never eat Mc Ds again

Li T (mx) wrote: Not as good as the 1st or 3rd.

Sean N (jp) wrote: For an Alien rip off this isn't very entertaining though I love the idea of putting cliche semi-buddy cop characters into the mix of an alien threat on earth and the occasional cheese one liner and that's the problem: occasional. From the humor, to the alien, to everything else we get too many bit parts that aren't enough

Jessi F (ag) wrote: I wouldnt consider this a horror movie

Allan C (jp) wrote: Roger Corman produced low budget space opera following the success of George Lucas' "Star Wars." Taking it cues mostly from Lucas' film, the story involves a smuggler for hire, former Bond girl Caroline Munroe, sporting Barbarella-like outfits, and her alien sidekick begin hired by the Emperor of the Galaxy, Christoper Plumber (who shot his part in one day), to rescue his son, prince David Hasselhoff, and recover a secret weapon. The Darth Vader figure is the evil Count Zarth Arn, played by the oddly cast Joe Spinell. I'm a huge Spinell fan and it's a kick to see him playing a Ming the Merciless-like character, very different from his usual New York hoodlum roles. Spinell even drops his very familiar New York accent, which is fascinating on it's own. There's also a good score by, of all people, A-List composer John Barry, who reportedly the filmmakers did not want to show him the film for fear that he'd drop out of the film. Corman reportedly got involved in this film to see if there was a market low budget space operas, which was a good thing because following the success of this film, he made the highly enjoyable and far superior "Battle Beyond the Stars," which was an outer space version of "The Magnificent Seven," right down to Robert Vaughan recreating his same role for this remake. But back to "Starcrash," it's a silly campy affair, but it's definitely entertaining. I especially liked some of the Ray Harryhausen-like stop motion sequences, which kind of gave the film a Sinbad in space kind of a vibe, that actually worked pretty well. Definitely worth watching if you find Corman's cheap productions charming. If you're not a fan of low budget camp, probably don't both with this one.

Phillip R (nl) wrote: An early work of Robert Altman about a schizophrenic woman who has to figure out who is real and who is not and if killing these fantasies will rid her of them forever. She just needs to make sure she is not killing the wrong person. This seems to be a more graphic version of one of those old TV movies.

Campbell P (ru) wrote: Labyrinth was a surprisingly good movie! This film stars Jennifer Connelly as a spoiled girl trying to brave a mysterious labyrinth trying to get her brother from the clutches of David Bowie.. I mean Jareth. The characters in this movie were very likable in my opinion, maybe it's because I grew up with the muppets but either way the characters were a lot of fun. The story was a straightforward adventure film that really reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. It has a lot of the same elements plus both Dorothy and Sarah learn lessons from their experiences. Sarah learned that it was important to appreciate what you have and to not take life lightly. I thought Jim Henson portrayed that message pretty well in a way where kids will understand. The acting by the characters was pretty good, Sarah over acted some times but I think David Bowie was the standout performance. He was really good at playing a mysterious kinda creepy guy. There were some unnecessary scenes in the movie though like the dream sequence was a bit much when Sarah bit into the peach (spoiler sorry). It had nothing really related to the situations they had come by. The whole movie's set looked awesome for sure especially the stairs chase scene at the end. The ending really shows that it's important to embrace imagination based on the (spoiler) party with the characters in her room ending and I thought that was a nice way to end a movie like this. Overall Labyrinth is a solid good movie that has fun characters, a nice message, and a really cool set. The muppets may get in the way at times if you don't like muppets, but then again if you don't like muppets why are you watching? B