Looking for Eric

Looking for Eric

A man trying to put his life back on track gets some advice from an unexpected benefactor (the ex football player Eric Cantona) in this comedy-drama from acclaimed British director Ken Loach.

Eric, a football fanatic postman whose life is descending into crisis, receives some life coaching from the famously philosophical Eric Cantona. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack C (jp) wrote: Should've heeded the warning from the title.

Ashley M (ag) wrote: Some funny moments reminiscent of a CollegeHumor skit, but the characters do too good a job of convincing you that they are jerks for you to care about their plight.

William W (ru) wrote: A filmmaker's haunting meditation on his hometown from the perspective of an outsider, full of nostalgia & bitterness (e.g., this gay, Catholic, artistic lad growing up in working-class, Protestant Liverpool was horrified by Beatlemania, and shunned pop music for Bruckner & Mahler).

Quinto W (us) wrote: This is a Chilean superheroe movie starring the guy who stunt-doubled The Rock in The Rundown. Now, having just read, you would expect this to be a camp-gasm, right? Well, you'd only be half right. Though constructed with campy elements that show from time to time, this is a very earnest film that only wants to entertain by mixing martial arts with humor pretty successfully. Marko Zaror looks more cute than menacing as the titular hero, Mirageman; he's like a puppy who wants to kick ass, but everything is so fun, humorous and satisfying that you're happy to go along for the ride. I just got it! Now I know what this movie remembers me of: It's like a Brock Landers film, but without the porn.

Adam R (ag) wrote: (First viewing - September 2006 in theaters)

Bruna B (ru) wrote: "Sesso da Tarde" kind of entertainment.

Mike W (nl) wrote: Great start to the series!

Jen M (us) wrote: Not at all faithful to Orwell's work, but a very enjoyable film that bears repeat viewing.

Gregorio G (jp) wrote: Pazos los centollos?Centollos Taurinno...?no eso solo los meses con erre:Enero,febrero...Pazos los centollos!!!Ah el perico ...Haberlo dicho antes...Jajajajajaj

Private U (gb) wrote: saw this when i was twelve, effectively melted my brain

Charles C (ag) wrote: Now, I must say. This is a very interesting spy thriller coming out of a very tumultuous time. Being filmed during the partitioning of Nazi Germany, we see representations of Nazis, Soviets, and Americans alike. The portrayals add insights to their times. Gable and Lamarr have great chemistry. Overall, it is a fabulous film by King Vidor and one that is not broadcasted much. But, it is definitely worth a viewing.

Nick P (kr) wrote: painful to watch, its just keeps getting worse as the story plays out