Looking for Hortense

Looking for Hortense

A wife pressures her husband to solicit work papers from his civil servant father.

A wife pressures her husband to solicit work papers from his civil servant father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chanya R (nl) wrote: they literally stole a line from Working Girl. but still an attractive couple and popcorn fun

james m (mx) wrote: Worst movie I have seen to date,

Karl J (gb) wrote: This is the worst movie that I've seen since Lost in Translation! How can anyone label this a comedy? There is NOTHING funny about this movie. We never laughed once. There is nothing even remotely humorous about this movie. Its about two stupid people who move in next to a party / crack house in Australia. It's like watching paint dry. You end up not caring about the paint or the wall surface, you just want it to be over. One thinks that maybe the end will bring some closure or resolution to the show but it's as lame and characteristically unfunny as the rest of the film.

Josh L (gb) wrote: Soderbergh wanted to bang Sasha Grey.. that's why this movie was made... It shows.

Mayuyi C (it) wrote: Watched this in 2008 and still pulls at my heartstrings to this day. For a very mature US animation, surprisingly, it effectively takes u along on a man's salvation with the irritating sprouting of wings on his back. Very poignant. The best I've seen from Bill Plympton so far!

Philip L (mx) wrote: an additional .5 stars for the eye candy

Melanie L (mx) wrote: Felt like a new clueless, complete with members of the original cast...

Amanda P (ag) wrote: This is a good family movie

Tommi P (it) wrote: SERIOUSLY!? What is wrong with this world?

Matthew L (jp) wrote: I wasn't expecting a good movie, just a cheesy 80's style action movie. However, Van Damme didn't have nearly enough action sequences to make it enjoyable. The indian subplot didn't do anything for me. Van Damme has such little dialog, and what he does have is terrible - he doesn't sound angry or vengeful, just limp. So, the movie really drags along between action scenes. The supporting characters leave more of an impression than Van Damme himself, which is not a good thing. Unfortunately, this doesn't fall into the category of so bad it's good - just too boring most of the time to be unintentionally funny.

Albert S (mx) wrote: An interesting view on society, brutal, glamorus, powerful and rough.

Patricia A (gb) wrote: Cheesy. Dated. Strictly for Fans of Ms Reynolds or Mr Van Dyke.

Brady S (kr) wrote: Unarguably THE best movie about auto racing EVER! The DVD and especially the blu ray look amazing! Shot in Super Panavision and Cinerama, before any special effects techniques. Director John Frankenheimer gets some of the best shots of cars racing in film history! 30 years before the great car chase movie he also directed, Ronin. Filmed in 1966, this movie looks like it was shot yesterday!!

Russell S (fr) wrote: There's something oddly forgettable about this movie, which is strange considering that it contains some of the best imaginative action sequences of the series and is a lot less silly than some of the other Bond movies. Is it partly due to an average main villain, or Bill Conti's peculiar ill-fitting score? John Barry is sorely missed here. Could it perhaps be that there are so many sets and locations that the film lacks visual focus? The funny thing is that this is in fact a great movie...just not the crowd pleaser that some of the other more memorable ones are.

Jeff C (ag) wrote: He's at the fifty, the forty, the thirty

Alex A (mx) wrote: A creepy story about a sexually transmitted entity that follows the protagonist around, in different human forms, trying to kill her. It sounds pretty whack, but it was actually a solid film with a great choice in music that creates a thoroughly unsettling atmosphere.

Don P (kr) wrote: Revisiting this is better than watching it the first time around. In my opinion (as someone who has watched Eraserhead in the region of 200+ times), this is the most complete of the films. Stop reading this nonsense and go and watch it.

Fernando B (gb) wrote: Mi pelcula animada favorita.

Reece L (ru) wrote: Given this series' propensity for racism, You Only Live Twice seems par for the course, but while it revels in the franchise's always prevalent and uncomfortable preoccupation with exoticism, it's not nearly as horrible as one would expect. Accomplishing some marginal progress in the series' portrayal of Asian people, You Only Live Twice actually has Japanese actors playing Japanese characters (mind-blowing!), but the stereotypes that come with this territory are sadly there, namely the idiotic and incessant "Bond-san" nonsense and what comes with Bond's "becoming Japanese" in order to carry out his mission. As a piece of filmmaking, it's sloppy assembled and dorky to the extreme (Bond's big gadget is a tiny personal helicopter that looks completely ridiculous when shown next to full-sized versions), but this ultimately works in its favor; it gets to the point that it's so stupid it's enjoyable, albeit only marginally.

Kevin M W (de) wrote: Dark, dark, dark comedy, enhanced by FX and the manic performances by the two unlikely leads (whoda thunk of Streep and Hawn as a comic duo??? But the girls work work work it!) that asks the age old question: "so you really want to live forever?" Think bitchy on steroids. Its a fun piece, a commentary on the obsession on youth and beauty, with a eerily grand performance by Isabella Rossellini at the center.