Looking for Jesus

Looking for Jesus

Giovanni è un giovane contattato da una casa editrice cattolica per pubblicizzare, con il suo volto, un libro sulla vita di Cristo. Francesca è una misteriosa ragazza che incontra sulla ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gagana M (de) wrote: an awsome movie !!!!!

BRUNO V (br) wrote: Interesting , not spectecularBut the second time seen , not bad eighter !

Omar N (mx) wrote: Probably an under-rated movie, arguablly not of the best of cold war movies, ironically one of Hackman's best decisions in accepting the role, Mikhail Baryshnikov's rare appearance is memorable even way more than Hackman's long career, awesome twists in the tale, a terrific one for cold war movies genre freaks, just not the best.

Harry W (fr) wrote: With an inspiring real-life story at its roots and Sally Field in the leading role, Not Without My Daughter sounded like a truly gripping tale of family heroism and gender issues.Not Without My Daughter is a film with a very important story, but it deserves much more than the cheap treatment that Brian Gilbert traps it within.With women's rights being an ongoing issue and the war in the Middle East being a consistent subject of controversy in the modern day, the subject matter of Not Without My Daughter remains as relevant as ever. And a tale of a mother's love for her daughter triumphing over adversity is one which will always be inspirational if done right. Not Without My Daughter does not serve as a time that it was executed properly, rather ending up feeling like a soap opera TV movies that relies more on cultural stereotypes that viewers have determined based on the simplistic depiction in right wing western media. The film puts a lot of melodramatic emphasis on the role that women play in the Middle East, relying on stereotypes to depict Iranian culture without any actual sense of what it is like to be a woman dragged from the land of the free into such an oppressive culture.The relationship between Betty and Sayed Bozorg "Moody" Mahmoody is depicted as being a happy family at the start of the film, and the chemistry of the actors along with the lighthearted musical score really conveys the faade of a happy family. Unfortunately, when the narrative truly calls upon the text to be dramatic in covering this, there is no just cause. The film relies on melodrama to depict the abusive relationship shared between the two, and though the cast remain effectively involved the entire time, the mood never feels right. The depiction of Betty Mahmoody's suffering in Iran oscillates like a bipolar sea journey which goes between smooth sailing and rough tides, though the genuine feeling of it all is more like the viewer waits on land for this allegorical ship to arrive while the sky is grey and not a sound can be heard. And by the time that he actively gets close to being abusive enough to lay down any dramatic strength, the insufficient narrative damage has already been done. When the escape finally happens, nothing changes. There is no feeling in the scene as the entire feature has been failing to construct atmosphere the entire time, and the wait for it all to happen is such a dull experience. I hoped that perhaps on some level the escape would be a stylish visual spectacle at least, but it delivers less there than it does in terms of story.The film is a very slow building one as it builds towards Betty Mahmoody's eventual escape. Unfortunately, there is not enough genuine narrative or actual atmosphere to keep this slow pace from descending into utter boredom. The film is so emotionally distant that when Betty Mahmoody gives up on returning to America and instead embraces the ridiculous Iranian laws regarding women and her abusive husband, it plays out like a sentimental turning point for the film where the protagonist makes a positive change. In actuality, she is simply giving in to Stockholm syndrome. Perhaps on some level this is a realistic depiction of an abusive relationship as it shows one party willing to make excuses for the volatile action of another, but since the film is so melodramatic about everything else it just feels like a massively jarring tonal shift. And as well as that, the political subtext in the film plays such a diminutive role that nobody who doesn't have the most extensive knowledge on the cultural events occurring in Iran at the time would be able to understand what was happening. It is clear that nobody who made Not Without My Daughter knows what the true story was like. The closest anyone could get would be Sally Field as a wife and mother who understands what it is to have emotional ties to both the fruit of one's loins and the man she created it with, but the film doesn't give her the material to deliver her best. Sally Field is left to carry the entire film on her shoulders in the face of a script which subjects her to the same repetitive situations without a hint of character. Betty Mahmoody is a woman who survived a magnificent journey so that she could give herself and her daughter the life they both deserved in a culture which saw them as objects, but the film reduces her to being a one-dimensional TV movie archetype without anything memorable. Sally Field may be an actress with Two Academy Awards, but even she cannot rescue the lacklustre writing and direction around her. Yet she is one of the best things about the film because her ability to put real emotional heft into the melodrama really makes it seem real on some level, however insignificant that level is. The material is terrible, and contrary to Sally Field's Golden Raspberry Award nomination, she is not. Although the film is called Not Without My Daughter, the extent of depth that the titular daughter actually plays in the film is minimal. But Sally Field's natural instincts and motherly chemistry with Sheila Rosenthal just barely manages to transcend the heavily one-dimensional artificiality of the rest of the film.Alfred Molina's performance is also good. Alfred Molina goes beyond playing a conventional stereotype in his approach to portraying Sayed Bozorg "Moody" Mahmoody and is able to create the facade of a husband who wants the best for his wife and child before he develops into an aggressive and abusive man. He never lays it on too thick, and though the pace of the script's development of his character is far from sensible, he knows what he's doing. Alfred Molina's chemistry with Sally Field manages to effectively create some dramatic moments in the film even if they are plagued by a surplus of melodrama, so her certainly does his part. But from a perspective of style, the film feels very cheap. Confined to a low budget, Not Without My Daughter occurs within a very limited selection of settings which are mostly interiors. Unfortunately, Brian Gilbert lacks the tenacious directorial ability to turn this into a sense of claustrophobia to reflect Betty Mahmoody's imprisonment. Some of the set pieces depicting the exterior locations seem convincing, but the film ultimately re-uses so many locations without sufficient narrative to distract viewers from the simplicity of it all. The manner in which it is all captured does not do anything good either as the cinematography takes on a lot of conventional techniques, using basic shot-reverse shots in the dialogue and extended shots which lack the editing to build atmospheric tension. Considering that neither the style or the script can build any tension, the film is just a blank series of lifeless and monochromatic imagery plagued by tedious melodrama for two hours which degrades its subject matter into a lifeless period of waiting around for something to happen.And lastly, the musical score oscillates between a condescendingly sentimental attempt to boost the melodrama and a synthesized thriller theme that feels like it was straight out of a Menahem Golan action thriller. There are even some moments that feel like a patriotic Bill Conti moment of an underdog victory, but none of this everSo despite semi-decent performances from Sally Field and Alfred Molina, Richard Gilbert vitiates the inspiring story at the heart of Not Without My Daughter to an emotionlessly dull series of repetitive imagery and melodramatic sequences pirated straight from every soap opera ever made without the slightest understanding of sufficient storytelling.

William L (ag) wrote: Certainly lengthy, but worth the entirety of its 161 minutes.

Dustin G (br) wrote: Shelly Winters gave one completely batshit crazy performance after another. The best maybe coming in Kubrick's Lolita, but she does a bang up job here as Ma Barker. Bloody Mama tells the story of Ma and her boys as they rob and kidnap and shoot it it out in rural America. The movie's filled with great performances and some awesome bloody action violence. It's also a great story, well told, reminding me of Bonnie and Clyde's gritty surrealistic realism. All told, a hell of a good time courtesy of the Corman movie making machine and heralding the arrival of one Mr. Robert DeNiro.

Jack H (ca) wrote: If Wrath of Khan didn't exist, this would be the best of the franchise. On its own, its a brilliant intellectual sci-fi film that makes connections to Moby Dick.

craig m (au) wrote: good medievil actioner

Lance P (ru) wrote: Not sure why I love this flick but I do. It's a basic premise, its cast with 90's teen idols, its friday night lights football and the Beek doing his worst Texas accent all rolled into one package.