Loose Cannons

Loose Cannons

Mac, the two fisted savy cop finds that he's being saddled with a new partner, a known burn out, to work with him on a new and difficult case. The new partner is, Ellis, an amazing detective, one who puts Sherlock Holmes to shame with his lightning fast deductions. But, he keeps assuming the personalities of entire casts of Television shows. This can be a problem when people begin shooting at them

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boat,   fight,   police,  

An unconventional cop who doesn't take any bull, is paired up with an amazing detective to capture some powerful criminals but the cop soon realizes that his by the book partner has split personality disorder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Candace B (br) wrote: A sweet film with a surprising twist at the end. Priyanka Chopra (at 29) plays an autistic 16-year-old (and pulls it off). I cannot think of another actress (one that's drop dead gorgeous no less) who would even attempt such a role and allow herself to be so vulnerable. Ranbir Kapoor pays homage to Charlie Chaplin, Roberto Benigni, and others as her deaf and speech impaired rescuer. Filmmakers and screenwriters should be studying Indian film. They're doing some beautiful work.

Daniel G (de) wrote: Good movie for "Groundhog Day" fans. Pretty similar, but plays out a little different. The only thing that I would find pretty unsettling is that there's no explanation what so ever on what the hell caused the repeating to start and then made it stop. Did it really stop? Or was it all a dream? seriously, what was really going on?

Glen M (fr) wrote: killed mama bear so the cubs and coming to get ya

Christopher L (gb) wrote: A complete waste.Zero Stars

Rafael N (gb) wrote: They still talk about my portrayal of King Lear. I played it with a limp.

George I (de) wrote: Not a perfect film but it was still greatly entertaining! i love the characters from Robert E Howards world! this film couldve been a bit better maybe have a tiny less humor and had changed a few things around and maybe made it a darker film but the cast was great! the story was decent and i think Kevin Sorbo wasnt a bad choice for Kull only if he had bulked a bit more wouldve been a nicer touch. Either way this wasnt bad i really liked it.

Bill B (ca) wrote: Gave the Blu-ray of this one a look the other night; it's still just an amazing film.Just a beautiful, charming little film from start to finish. The sweetly romantic nature of the characters, the gorgeous cinematography, there's nothing here to not like.Highly recommended.

Sheng G (de) wrote: This is a solid gold movie -- to use one of the phrases from the movie. People like me from Asia may appreciate the deep bond between a professor and his once-be students. How many viewers have noticed the excellent violin score?

Caity M (ag) wrote: Not bad, just weird. not scary to a 5 year old, just weird

Alan W (kr) wrote: This is a good moviePaul Newman stars in this harsh portrait of a police station in a crumbling neighborhood. Newman plays John Murphy, a veteran policeman who's been on the force long enough to be tired, but not so lo...( read more read more... )ng that he's lost his idealism. The plot is loosely tied to the arrival of Connolly, the new precinct captain (Edward Asner). Is he a crusader who's going to finally whip a corrupt, apathetic force into shape, or an interloping by-the-book bureaucrat who can't possibly understand the neighborhood and will do more harm than good? The movie is gratifyingly ambiguous on this point and many others. While Newman's character is almost by default the hero, he is far from perfect--most all the major characters get complex personalities, just like real people. The Bronx itself is given complex, thoughtful treatment as well, full of both overwhelming problems and hope for the future. Fort Apache, the Bronx also has action sequences, but doesn't make the mistake of reveling in violence. Here, black and white are far less defined and, consequently, far more satisfying. --Ali Davis

Alex S (mx) wrote: Funny 70's sport film, an unusual mix of humour and grim violence (and it works).

Paul C (au) wrote: Stylish, classy action thriller. Amazing performance by Tom Cruise (who's actually convincing as the bad guy). Great formula, it works. Definitely a personal favorite.