Film starring Dev Anand, Tina Munim and Mehmood

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Indian Air Force pilot Bhagat lives with his wife, Raksha, and a young son. While going to the bank one day, the family find that the bank is being held up. The bank-robbers panic at the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lootmaar torrent reviews

Ali I (nl) wrote: This one is my favourite Emraan Hashmi movie. Many will disagree and put Jannat or Raaz on top but to me this is the best as story syncs with Emran's character better than it did in Jannat or Raaz. Emraan has style and substance. He enacts his role in Awarapan that every actor craves so well since the opportunities are limited because of typical bollywood masala genre. This movie might have same violent gangster, guns slinging, car chasing scenes but it is still Hat ke (different) which is only understandable when you see it. I will not go into detail as I intent to make my review spoiler free. Ashutosh Rana is superb as the eccentric Malik Sahab and so is Ashish Vidyarthi. Our B4U presenter Saalil also gets his dbut from this movie. Powerful screen play and well written dialogues are a highpoint. Roxen did excellent job with music. Pritam weaved in 'To phir aoo' track in background as icing on background score. It will take you months if not years to get bored of its influential soundtracks .Emraan is underrated and it is time for Fimfare to illustrate actors like him when they are nominating, unlike the sons of other actors and over rated commercially successful same old ones.

Matthew H (ag) wrote: Blood Diamond is a gem of a movie. Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou give excellent performances, but the story is somewhat neglected in some aspects, taken as violence and car chases instead.

Hayley (br) wrote: i really want to see this

Dan G (us) wrote: Reese Witherspoon was the only reason this was worth watching. The rest of it sucked. Thus NOT worth watching. Do something else with your time.

James R (nl) wrote: Vincent Klyn is a dawg

Michael T (mx) wrote: I got this because I like 80's horror films. This was MUCH better than I expected for a low budget horror film. It actually has some pretty creepy moments and if you're running out of solid horror movies, I'd definitely check this one out. It's not going to land on your top 10 list... but it's solid.

Graham M (de) wrote: A children's film that is not for children. Possibly the darkest cartoon I've ever seen (the film opens with a scene of a dog drowning and it doesn't get any more family friendly later). It's bold, deep and disturbing but best viewed by adults.

Anthony T (au) wrote: Nothing special about this remake. Almost a cut and paste copy without the charm that made the original a classic.

Isabelle S (ca) wrote: Un bon petit film de ganster comme il ne s' en fait plus. Un bon Belmondo.

Filippo V (ca) wrote: Anche se tornato il cast originale e non c' stato un cambiamento registico, il film non riesce a trasmettere niente, diventando il peggiore della serie finora. La trama pi difficile di quello che mi aspetterei da un film del genere, complicando il tutto e aggiungendo dettagli inutili. Di conseguenza, ne risente l'intrattenimento generale e il filo logico degli eventi: troppo spesso ho storto il naso per incoerenze narrative e scelte di sceneggiatura discutibili. Anche se ormai il mio interesse tendente a zero, speriamo almeno che nei prossimi capitoli riescano ad aggiungere qualcosa di nuovo e rinfrescare una serie che dopo i primi 4 film comincia a decadere.

Eli D (de) wrote: Jack Reacher is no thriller masterpiece such as the Bourne or Bond films. What it is, however, is an enjoyable casual watch regardless.

Deidre W (us) wrote: I really like this movie. Richard Gere is wonderful as always as a guy dealing with unhappiness and restlessness. Starts taking Ballroom Dancing lessons and keeps it a secret from his wife, Susan Sarandon. Stanley Tucci and Bobby Cannavale are also in it and are very funny! Has a wonderful ending.