Lord of the Dance

Lord of the Dance


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Lord of the Dance torrent reviews

intuciic (au) wrote: not a bad movie. especially liked the last shot!

Jason G (es) wrote: The first and only Indian movie I will see this year.

Sean P (jp) wrote: Humorous in some parts but a bit convoluted. It ended abruptly with blurbs about the main characters but left some threads hanging. The zealot follower was disturbing as was the whole real estate angle.

Lee M (au) wrote: An unoriginal, soapy, poor man's 'Fatal Attraction.'

Dan B (it) wrote: A funny comedy about ping pong. There have been a few other films about ping pong and such but this is probably the best. The main character Christopher Wang is that typical asian guy that acts black and gets very annoying. Don't be shocked if you get annoyed by him, like I did. The funny thing is I know people that are actually like him. This had it's moments that kept you sucked in. I felt the whole beginning was good and kept me interested, yet the middle went a little down hill and the end was just predictable but basically every sports movie is. It was funny to see they kept bleeping out the words using basketball noises and such. The acting wasn't terrible but it was just annoying seeing the main character act like such a tool when usually those are the guys you hate in the movie. It was funny and a pretty good comedy, not the best sports comedy but still good enough for a watch.

Blood R (us) wrote: To sad for those pics and Caril Ann sucha mind less no caring person.

Thiago H (br) wrote: One of the most creepy things I've watched.

Joel R (fr) wrote: Willem Dafoe steals it. He is superbly creepy and probably the best reason to see this. Kinnear is solid and the whole thing is pretty lurid.

Enoch C (kr) wrote: Storyline not very good, acting not very good, could have been better if it was not in English

Victor C (mx) wrote: When I saw this on TV I loved it. It was tense and dramatic and there were quite a few interesting sub-plots that made it very enjoyable. I want this on DVD!

Adam L (us) wrote: Corny lines are pulled off by a great cast. Worth watching once.

Hannah M (jp) wrote: As far as Neil Simon comedies go, this one feels unusually...not-comedic. It's a much more dramatic story for Simon. And while it has heart (as all his plays do) something falls a bit short. Maybe I was just expecting too much, since Simon is one of my all-time favorite writers. It was enjoyable, but nothing special.

Greg W (br) wrote: marks the film debut of the gr8 christopher lee of hammer horror fame

Mo W (jp) wrote: Extremely lame sci fi flick

Cydnee B (fr) wrote: The half star is for Kathy Bates.

Nathan H (nl) wrote: As soon as this movie claimed that dietary cholesterol leads to heart disease I was ready to shut it off. This is inconsistent with current research that suggests the two are not related. The movie uses this as a ploy to claim meat is bad for us

Rebekah T (nl) wrote: the buddies movies are good treasure buddies is good and good for familys

Stefan G (fr) wrote: Heavy Traffic broke the rules of conventional cinema, standing out as an artistic masterpiece of the 70's. The characters were brilliantly drawn-out, and the animation style really helps in creating a world of shady characters and surreal pictures. The story paints an amazing picture, with moments that serve as genuine twists, as opposed to the kind of plot twists you might expect. This is not the kind of film you could easily predict, and it's certainly not for the closed-minded. For me, this film is a real work of art, playing with all sorts of images to create some kind of collage representing inner-city life. I highly doubt that we'll ever see this kind of film ever again, simply because it's too original for today's producers to take a chance on. If you want a film that thinks outside the box, you need to see this movie.