Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games

The final story of Michael flately lord of the dance series. Spectacular show

The final story of Michael flately lord of the dance series. Spectacular show . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games torrent reviews

Hrodland C (nl) wrote: Good film. Very surreal. It's fun to try and figure out what's going on. Give it a watch.

Shinji I (gb) wrote: This is a very beautiful and touching movie, based on 3 different stories, centered around the real story of Theresa Chan, who can't hear and can't see. It's not a feel-good-movie but it may teach you the meaning of true love.

JY S (au) wrote: You Shoot, I Shoot may sound like some really stupid movie, but it is stupid in a good way. This film is like something out of the Coen's book. It is weird, but wildly entertaining.So you have a guy, Bart, that kills people and another guy, Cheun, that films it. What makes this story so entertaining is the fact that Bart's profession is no secret to his close friends. You actually have a scene with Bart, Cheun, Bart's wife, and his parent in-laws talking openly about killing people.The story seems to go nowhere in the beginning, but the wacky opening credits, the dialogue, and the amateurish, yet effective, camerawork keep the audience in the film. Around the 50 minute mark is where the stories biggest element unfolds, which will carry you to the very end. At the top of the hour the film gets a little dramatic, but thankfully it only lasts for about 10 minutes before picking up for the 30 minute finale.The acting is over the top at times. The two leads, Eric Kot and Tat-Ming Cheung are comparable to a George Clooney from Burn After Reading. In other words, it is entertaining. There is also some cute female actresses in here with Asuka Higuchi leading the way.You Shoot, I Shoot is Ho-Cheung Pang's debut film and it is a successful one. This is a nice watch if you are in the mood for near dark comedy.

tp b (es) wrote: Awful, even for the genre...

Ian S (us) wrote: can you imagine a wig on the statue of liberty?

aaron w (nl) wrote: A must see classic. Yet another Linklater masterpiece

Dankwa B (kr) wrote: [REWATCH] Still a pretty god movie. Richard Gere is still a bastard in this one.

Wes T (ru) wrote: Besides Godard's short--which itself was overlong--this collection flat-out sucked. This film deserves the same treatment as the kid wielding the giant flower.

Simon L (jp) wrote: I didn't think a movie could ever astound me with it's very existence as much as Riki Oh did, but Rat Pfink managed to pull it off. The sudden shift from a pseudo-Ed Wood crime drama that's utterly incompetent but still SERIOUS to a sub Batman farce is one of the most abrupt and senseless things I've EVER seen. I only regret that I knew it was coming. I can't imagine what a truly unsuspecting viewer must think of this madcap mess. Terrible, but a must-see because of it.

Sarah F (ag) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Andrea F (es) wrote: Muy a la Silent Hill, no logra convencer ni en actuaciones, ni en historia, y mucho menos en terror. Aburrida y desesperante. Buena locacin pero mal empleada.

Callum M (mx) wrote: Real Steel offers some entertaining fight scenes and a charismatic lead from Hugh Jackman, but bungles them with an inert plot and forgettable characters.

Ladd W (jp) wrote: A finely tuned drama with real moments of romance, comedy, and noir in good measure. Lancaster and Sarandon shine.