A woman, depressed that she in unable to bear children, abducts a child, and wants to keep him for her own. The child belongs to a large family consisting of 11 other children.

A woman, depressed that she in unable to bear children, abducts a child, and wants to keep him for her own. The child belongs to a large family consisting of 11 other children. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Care C (de) wrote: An intimate look into the truth- and an unfortunate realization that people will glorify/demonize something for political gain without even a mere iota of truth. This exposes those lies by Hollywood elitist and the wannabes

Angie P (ag) wrote: Music better than the script. Worth seeing for the Blue Grass alone and I am not really a fan of the genre. It was original to see such narrow niche of American music being celebrated in a foreign culture. (Though rural Europes not much different than rural N. America) The narrative is not very original. Love at first sight. Child born of perfect love. Tragedy strikes! Will love survive?

quedan b (kr) wrote: its okay didnt like it that much

Charlie M (us) wrote: Undercover cops investigate each other in this silly action romp.

Jason D (es) wrote: Legend of the Bog (or Bog Bodies as it was known mere days before this films release onto DVD) is the story of bog bodies, 2000 year old murder victims whose remains are spread out all across the Irish landscapes. Since these bodies have been cursed, they are able to be resurrected via water and can exact revenge on just about anyone the come into contact with (though they need a heavy supply of water to continue). A group of people get stranded out in the woods and are taken out one by one by one particularly nasty bog body that's just been reanimated. The film features great cinematography (the lighting and colors are pure rubbish though) and an impressive case, including Jason Barry (Beyond Re-Animator), Nora-Jane Noone (The Descent; The Descent 2) and Vinnie Jones (Midnight Meat Train). However, the story and pacing is a bit below-par, not to mention the deaths and violence are fairly tame and boring (save for one in particular involving a decapitation). Overall, the movie wasn't too terribly bad, but not that great.

Jules H (ru) wrote: This is one film you couldn't get paid to see, let alone pay to see.

Manami K (us) wrote: it was nice to watch this movie this time. You can think what the family is, and maybe would be able to realize what is worth for you in your life.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: It's like everyone has two personalities, one you're born with, and one the world gives you.In New York City in 1976-77 the city is plagued by a serial killer randomly killing white brunette girls, usually with their boyfriends. The murder streak gets so large the entire city starts being suspect of each other and more and more vigilantes hit the streets. A group of friends quickly become divided as they start pointing fingers at each other as the killer. This can only turn for the worse as additional victims pile up. "You can't get a yacht with ten grand. You're going to end up with a row boat and two Puerto Rican skanks."Spike Lee, director of She's Gotta Have It, Do the Right Thing, Inside Man, Malcolm X, She Hate Me, 25th Hour, Bamboozled, He Got Game, and Mo Better Blues, delivers Summer of Sam. The storyline for this picture was intense and fairly well written with interesting characters but the ending was a bit unfulfilling. The acting was better than I anticipated and the cast includes John Leguizamo, Adrien Brody, Mira Sorvino, and Jennifer Esposito."I feel like I'm cheating on you with you."I grabbed this off HBOGO as a movie I remember enjoying when I first saw it. The movie has unique drama elements and fascinating characters to follow. The film is well paced, though a bit frustrating at times, and comes to an interesting conclusion. This is far from a perfect film, but it is definitely worth a viewing."You ain't Bruce Lee. Stop kicking Woodstock."Grade: B-

Troy C (nl) wrote: The same teaming that brought us Bull Durham hits the links with a similar story in Tin Cup. Similar in its attitudes, structure, and humor, it is also just as enjoyable. Best of all, you don't even need to know the difference between a mashie, a divot and a "big dog" to get the most out of the story.Kevin Costner stars as Roy McAvoy, aka Tin Cup (a nickname that amazingly doesn't make reference to the game of golf). An incredibly gifted golfer, Roy suffers from one little flaw: he would rather prove a point than win.That simple glitch put a stop to Roy's professional career, leaving him to muddle through life as a golf pro at a second-rate driving range in the sleepy little West Texas town of Salome- content to bask in the admiration of fellow deadbeats and local groupies.Soon enough, we learn that what Roy despises is playing it safe rather than going for the perfection of the game- a style embodied by his long-time acquaintance (and successful pro tour player) David Simms (Don Johnson.)Simms has spent his sufficient talent playing for the sake of wealth, prestige and recognition. In the process he has developed a nice guy image that only shines when the public eye is upon him.Normally, Roy would go his own way, but when he falls for Simms' girlfriend (Rene Russo), the reality of his existence hits him squarely in the self-respect department. In a desperate effort to regain some lost respect, whip Simms' butt and earn the admiration of heart throb Molly, Roy sets out on a quest for the self-control that will allow him to qualify for and hopefully win in the U.S. Open golf championship.There is plenty of foreshadowing in this story, so we know automatically that Roy will make it to the competition, that he will face Simms and that he will struggle with his own past behavior. The bigger questions are, "Will the story avoid the usual cliches of such a setup?", and "Will Roy triumph or fall victim to his own stubbornness?".The characters are interesting and far from perfect. Besides being proud, Roy drinks too much, lives like a slob and isn't terrible bright. Still, he does have a kind of simple charm that prevails when he isn't spouting a practiced line designed to impress the ladies. His sincere devotion to the game helps us to overlook the excesses that he practices on its behalf.As such, Costner is the perfect actor to walk this thin line between despicable and likable. His easygoing manner and infectious smile fit the "good ol' boy" role. Despite his good looks, his stature is modest enough to play the normal guy- a condition further enhanced by his unshaven, scruffy look for most of the film.Russo is charming as a professional therapist who has questionable taste in men, and could use more than a few sessions on her own couch. As in the past, she once again demonstrates her ability to convey both strength and vulnerability.Looking tan and fit, Don Johnson can still turn on the charm. The closest thing to a villain in the story, his Simms is a man who has sacrificed some of his integrity for the sake of success. His choice is easily understandable, and the revealment of a less appealing alter ego near the end is the only sour note in the intelligent script co-written by director Ron Shelton and John Norville.Cheech Marin does a wonderful supporting turn as Roy's caddie and friend; struggling to stand by his friend in spite of his intimate knowledge of the man's weaknesses.With a penchant for vulgar language and an ongoing sexual tension between Roy and Molly, Tin Cup is definitely geared towards adults. Brief nudity and a bedroom encounter help designate the film an R rating.While Bull Durham displayed a deep love for the game of baseball, Tin Cup is content to simply use golf as an example of a activity worthy of dedication. The difference is a film that isn't quite as memorable, but can still entertain.

Shawn S (br) wrote: This is just plain bad.

Leo L (jp) wrote: A funny movie about life, love, and friendship. Quirky, at first but one cannot help but fall in love with it.

David L (nl) wrote: With unlikable characters of which the main one is especially obnoxious and awfully cliched plot with typical ending, Breaking Away has its moments including some wonderful dialogue sequences mostly including the father who is the saving grace here bringing the humor and heart to a film and the direction, technical aspects and acting are good, but the script is so by-the-numbers with a boring sports drama that ruined the whole movie and should have been left out. It is such a major disappointment and undoubtedly an incredibly overrated movie.

Stephen C (it) wrote: The sequel to the fairly good White lightning is in two words Absolutely Terrible . While the first film hasd a tight plot and plenty of action ,this feels like a bad rehash of the same old shit with a rambling plot very little action and crap dilaogue. Reynolds the director should have had words with Reynolds the actor for appearing in such garbage and while it made him a huge star would end up trapping ihim in the same tired old genre comedies with Only Sharkys Machine as a high amongst many many more lows. Nothing works here from a speed boat chase with little chase to some very poor comedy relief bad guys . Do your self a huge favour and stay away from this dross at all costs

Adam W (ru) wrote: A stark and bleak film that paints a picture of delusion and back stabbing. I am glad MGM released this on DVD.

DeMarkus H (ag) wrote: This movie was WWWWAAAYYY better than the rating . Good flick

John Y (br) wrote: Intersting movie about people who don't like change.

Bill T (mx) wrote: One hell of an original story fuels this one along, as perennial 70's Disney dork Dean Jones moves to the sleepy town of Godolphin to coach the hapless track team, only to find out he's accidentally channeled the title character! Blackbeard is played full tilt by Ustinov, and everyone seems to be having juyst a grand time doing this. A definite sleeper from the somewhat forgotten live Disney feature branch.