Los Angeles is depicted in 35 stationary shots, each 2 1/2 minutes long, in this non-narrative film.

Los Angeles is depicted in 35 stationary shots, each 2 1/2 minutes long, in this non-narrative film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gmd E (gb) wrote: Fun characters and great songs,original plotline,and great action make this a worth sequel of original Equestria Girls.

Dhaval P (us) wrote: A must watch film, that discusses the biggest paradox in Indian society, the judiciary system.

Omer O (br) wrote: The movie is surely the most effective Atatuk documentary, which raised discussions in every aspects. I am quite sure that the idea behind this movie is showing less known features of Ataturk's character and less known parts from his life with very good intention. Actually, it encourages the viewer to research and read more on Ataturk to understand his humanity, character and philosophy

Ethan B (kr) wrote: It's tough to have a Vacation film without that John Hughes flair. But screenwriter, Elisa Bell, has the right idea comedically and stays fairly true to the vibe of the first three films. The only issue with Vegas Vacation is that there's no bigger picture within the plot. Or the one that's present feels overly contrived. In this installment, Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) takes his family to Las Vegas for vacation. There, Clark turns into a gambling addict and becomes estranged from his family. His wife (Beverly D'Angelo) and kids get upset at him and decide to go off and have their own pleasures fulfilled. Honestly, Clark's behavior isn't all that bad from what his family can see, so I don't understand where their bitterness is coming from. They're unaware that he's losing money, and the times that he gets separated from the family usually aren't his fault.I get the whole "you've become selfish, so become unselfish again" concept, but the conflict feels forced for the mere sake of having conflict. Even Clark's epiphanic moment is sudden and without a believable catalyst. Just as there is no real reason for Clark's family to be mad at him, there is no real reason why they reconcile in the end either.The best part of this film is its humor. Although over-the-top at times, there's nothing too out of the ordinary for a Vacation film. The most inventive bit is when Clark finds a casino full of made-up games, such as "Rock-Paper-Scissors" or "Pick a Number Between 1 and 10".Overall, it's not a bad watch. It's at least good for some cheap laughs and some '90s Vegas nostalgia. And I get that the audience may want to see more from the Griswolds, but at least give them something more rewarding to make the trip worth while.Twizard Rating: 69


Stuart S (au) wrote: Richard Gere puts hamsters up his arse

Ken S (au) wrote: Henry WInkler, Shelley Long, and Michael Keaton star in this early Ron Howard film. It is actually a really solid comedy. Keaton is hilarious, and WInkler is really good in a role that is completely different from the Fonz. Definitely recommended.

Brian S (fr) wrote: an interesting enough concept, it's just poorly executed. I really didn't understand the flashback element--everything happened there, and everything in the "present" is totally unexplained and superfluous. the musical numbers also seemed more like filler and less like integral film elements. the plot was decent enough--part golden age musical, part romantic drama--but it just didn't really go anywhere. the characters are also pretty unlikable. highlights are definitely Fred's Puttin' on the Ritz and Billy De Wolfe's old lady monologue.

Ben W (au) wrote: i was slightly underwhelmed by this movie aside from a few key scenes. it was just too damn long. this is actually my first venture with visconti and it shows some promise but i have death in venice among a couple of others lined up at the moment. i have to say that its quite a feat for this film to get made in the early 40s considering the subject matter. its a good neo-realistic work though not up with the likes of early fellini or de sica. massimo girotti in this reminds me of a hybrid version of a young kirk douglas and burt lancaster. the plot has been done and redone and in my opinion was best in the hands of billy wilder with double indemnity.