Los abrazos del río

Los abrazos del río


The calm and tranquil waters of Colombia’s Magdalena River flow silently past the small villages located along its bank yet, beneath the quite surface are dark secrets and haunting narratives reveled in Nicolas Rincon Gille’s extraordinary film. This poetic tale begins with the locals’ stories of Mohan, the feared river god known to lure fishermen into the water’s depths, entangling their nets and stealing their fish. In time, a more frightening reality emerges, one that even the powerful Mohan now hides from, as the stories shift to the violence inflicted upon residents by Colombia’s paramilitaries. Recounting the memories of lost loved ones who now rest beneath the surface of the Magdalena, this stunning documentary is the second entry in the Colombian-born, Belgian-based filmmaker’s Campo Hablado trilogy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Whitney B (ca) wrote: My husband has played these games forever, so I didn't really know what was going on... The movie did terribly at explaining what was happening to someone like me who doesn't play these games. The husband did say that a lot of things were totally different and didn't even make sense to him. Good acting, yes.... Terrible plotting and knowledge? Also a yes.

Sherie P (au) wrote: great movie! very sad, touching ending

Tor M (nl) wrote: I watched it in a state where I was drifting in and out from inner thoughts based on the film. Not many films get you in that mood. It reminds me of the other Angelopoulos flick I have seen, "Landscape In The Mist". Otherwise it's like few other. Several ideas and thoughts about the film are in my mind - what is it about? It's about a whole lot I would say.This is a very poetic film with a strong story. It's so amazingly shot with it's slow movements and long shots, it's as perfect as it is natural. Beautiful images - dense and fog-like, still filled with purity. It has some fantastic music, making it very meditative. This is one of those slow, hazy films that you can let your mind go away with. If you focus hard it still gives you a whole lot.The wedding scene is a stand out for me. So is the final scene among others.Bruno Ganz is certainly one hell of an actor - picking great films as well.It will need some time in my head to grow on me, but it will stay there for a very long time. I'm sure of it.8.5 out of 10 yellow bike riders.

Terry G (it) wrote: Finally watched it from beginning to end. Not too bad. IMDB tells me it is based on the novel and is a true story.

Dean R (it) wrote: One of the worst movies ever made.

Andrew W (us) wrote: Like Raising Arizona its ridiculousness can be expected and enjoyed if you are ready for it. Cage should have stuck to these kinds of roles his entire career and I would probably be praising this film more than I am.