Los ángeles

Los ángeles


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Kevin N (it) wrote: Bring it to San Diego, CA

Eliabeth R (fr) wrote: Solo con una palabra definira a esta pelcula MALA, ni siquiera las peleas se ven reales...que porquera

Grant S (nl) wrote: Disappointing. Had heaps of potential, and could have gone in many interesting directions. Instead it chooses to go in no particular direction, with many random detours on the way. Plot falls apart towards the end.Performances from Billy Crudup, Paul Giamatti, Kristen Wiig and David Hornsby are fine, just constrained by the script.

Jude P (us) wrote: JUST EXCELLENT!! wish that Sumin didnt do that shit he did in the end... but i guess.....the other guy deserved it...hehehe... i want a cute balloon like the doggy one!!IT was truly an original script with nice twists in the story, and all the actors were perfect....

emmie s (ca) wrote: cool movie can't wait!!!!!!!

Khaled H (us) wrote: classy and sweet romantic comedywhere Michelle Pfeiffer was lovely and gorgeous and Paul Rudd was young and promising

Rachael (jp) wrote: I had to watch it twice to fully get the story but once I did I loved it!

Roy M (us) wrote: Billy Crystal as a NBA ref. The movie was hilarious.

Andr D (ag) wrote: Secuela innecesaria que si no fuera por Moore y Gielgud, seria una autentica porqueria.

jay n (ru) wrote: Great performances, sad subject matter.

Private U (nl) wrote: yeah it was great in a real poopy way

Stig H (br) wrote: What a man, what a genius, what a dark troubled soul! Love him!

Graham D (mx) wrote: A brave movie that may be too dark for some. It absolutely should make you appreciate what you have.

Eric H (ca) wrote: Operation Dumbo Drop was actually a nice movie in my opinion. Based on a true story it had a nice flowing story line full of action and family-appropriate material.