Los árboles mueren de pie

Los árboles mueren de pie


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1951
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Los árboles mueren de pie torrent reviews

Jerome M (ru) wrote: The disco documentary is contains too funky music from the beginning to the end.

Chasity F (es) wrote: A must see. Learn about your food and see what you think of the process... Good Info..

Robert I (br) wrote: I think I like the intention of this film more than the end result. The film is amusing, but I do wish there had been more action and action movie sendoffs in it. Ultimately however this film was way better than "Spy" and a more successful genre parody than that film tried to be. Let's also be happy this film is way better than the awful SNL skit.

Julio D (gb) wrote: Algo lenta en su desarrollo, un plot simple, buenas batallas y mejor mensaje

Andrew L (au) wrote: It's silly, but it's fun. Stallone's warble is always entertaining when he barks out "I am the lwawr!"

Elisabeth W (nl) wrote: even better than wallace and gromithilarious

Alejandro E (de) wrote: Impecable adaptacion de epoca para una historia de decepcion amorosa.Veanla

Jake A (es) wrote: Yes this is my first time seeing this highly regarded film and I wish I had seen it sooner. With solid performances, great production, a huge amount of gags throughout, a good score and an iconic dance number to boot this is a spoof that might not be high brow but is funny nonetheless.

Dave A (de) wrote: At no stage in this movie did Frankenstein actually conquer the world (I should have expected that, given Santa not conquering the martians in 'Santa Claus Conquers the Martians').

Brandon W (kr) wrote: As Good as it Gets is direct and co-written by James L. Brooks, and it stars Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, and Greg Kinnear in a romantic comedy about an author that is horrible to every person that he meets, whether it be a waitress with a kid that has a problem, or a gay artist, and when Melvin (Jack Nicholson) has to take care of the artist's dog, he starts to change a little. This is the first film that I've seen from James L. Brooks, which makes sense as this is one of his most highest-grossing made film, and even when watching it again, As Good as it Gets is an amazing film that never seems to get old. Jack Nicholson does a great job of being a horrible person while also being very charming at some aspects of it. Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear are also pretty good when trying to make the best of dealing with Jack Nicholson's character, but will say what they have to say when getting him to shut up. The writing by James L. Brooks and Mark Andrus is very naturally well done in terms of the dialogue how it just flows in with the characters, and the characters are three-dimensional, especially Jack Nicholson's character which we seen how he acts, but not why he's like that, and it's kind of done in a mysterious way that it makes me want to know a bit more about him, but is ok with what they put in there in terms of characters development. Even when it's 139 minutes long, As Good as it Gets never felt that long as I was interested in the characters and the humor that it even though it may be structurally similar, it's executed in a very refreshing way that stands out as a classic film for me to rewatch.

Craig Dylan W (gb) wrote: Fun film to watch with friends for a light hearted late October evening. Pam Grier is a legend and this performance as a voodoo priestess shows why. American Horror Story: Coven could take a few pointers from her.

Cassie H (it) wrote: I very much so enjoyed this movie. It was full of suspense and eroticism. Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton were excellent as two passionate lovers who needed and longed for each other all day on the barge. Normally I wouldn't watch a movie like this, given the rating and that it probably meant that a lot of sexual content, but it was all worth it to see beyond credible acting. Give this film a shot and you just might like it. I adore it actually for how bad these people are.