Los balunis

Los balunis


  • Category:Animation
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  • Uploader:FapDe
  • Country:N/A
  • Director:Juanjo Elordi
  • Writer:Juanjo Elordi, Unai Iturriaga

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Los balunis torrent reviews

Dustin B (es) wrote: At least 30 Days of Night Part 2 had Diora Baird in it.

Madeline M (us) wrote: I think this movie would have been better without the sex, because as lovely as both Cenac and Heggins are it's hard to believe they'd want to stick around each other (although, I guess in Micah's case he's kind of trying to latch on to another black person? because he's lonely and alienated?) after a drunken hookup. But I like what it's trying to do. But I also think it would have been better in full saturation.

Corpse M (gb) wrote: big waiste of time like 75% of the comedies these days

Greg D (au) wrote: A clever little plot twist in the third act spices up the film. Tonally consistent throughout but lacking in momentum in stretches and overuse of the cheap jump cut horror trick

Josh C (kr) wrote: good film, would have enjoyed it more if Ali Larter were cast instead of Rachel Nichols.

Amanda C (jp) wrote: There are a couple of chuckle worthy moments in Evan Almighty, but they are few and far between. The film is a shameless plug for the religious crowd, coming off as preachy and manipulative. Morgan Freeman is the only one who appears to be getting more out of this than a big paycheque. But then he is God. Steve Carell and Lauren Graham are both better than this.

Jonas L (fr) wrote: p trods af, de formr at gre francos mand til helten..

Manch F (it) wrote: Very underrated, never got a fair shake because of its title. Had it just been called The Spirits Within I'm sure more western audiences would like it. The story was very cerebral and perhaps too spiritual to grasp for most. The motion capture holds up fairly well and looks very realistic. Visually this film is all around a huge technical achievement to marvel so its a shame it isn't more popular.

Don S (ca) wrote: This movie is decent. Good acting and interesting charcters make it worth watching. The story is the weakest link, from the idea of hitting the only bank open on a holiday to the massive drug use before and during the heist. While the story is not totally absorbing, the characters keep you watching. Julie Delpy, who is a beauty, packing iron is definitely a scene to behold.

Vedran S (ag) wrote: Very, very un necessary and un intentionally annoying sequel as well as cheap.

Sarfara A (kr) wrote: Thank God I was not on this on purpose, it was playing on some channel, and I reckon about 15-20mins had already passed, when I sat through it. Same freak attempts to expose the ones you think is playing with somebody you suddenly feel mad about. Do not waste your time, just to see the stupid ending.