Los caballeros

Los caballeros


  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:FapDe
  • Country:Spain
  • Director:Rafael Galán
  • Writer:Rafael Galán

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Los caballeros torrent reviews

Sherif N (it) wrote: 2 Stars. Overrated IMHO.

Nathan J (ru) wrote: This is an Aussie short animated film that has been nominated for best Oscar. It's based on a beautifully illustrated children's book by Melbourne based Shaun Tan. the animation is wonderful and quite surreal. Great stuff.

Nefeli M (ru) wrote: Interesting. That's how far this movie goes.

KARLA E (us) wrote: It's got sarcasm galore..and Superman..what's not to like?

Kimmina O (ru) wrote: Sad movie...with no sense!

MEC r (kr) wrote: An ok movie at the time...

Eliabeth N (nl) wrote: I am not sure where I stand with this film, I do wish I had read the original story first before watching the film though. The acting by all was extremely impressive, espeically Rupert Graves who I thought did a fantastic job playing the young man suffering from extreme shellshock. The pace of the film was extremly slow moving - but it worked with the narrative, and as for the characters I felt symapthy for those we were suppose too, and even annoyance at them in some situations. Overall I would recommend this film, although definatly not one for everyone, but I did feel something was lacking - I just can't put my finger on what exactly it was.

Lenny R (fr) wrote: More confidently produced than proto-Bond Dr No, but free of the gadget-driven silliness introduced in Goldfinger, which would come to define the series thereafter. As such, it's kind of an anomaly as Bonds go, but by no means in a bad way. Great performances from Lenya and Shaw as the baddies. Like others from this era, it follows the novel pretty closely, but smooths out some of Fleming's more warped ideas (e.g. Grant's 'red wine with fish' gaffe is addressed as a joke after his true identity is revealed, rather than being the bit of non-English-gentlemanly behaviour that gives him away). Interesting locations, liberal doses of suspense, intrigue, action and humour, plus the original - and still best - Bond train fight, on the Orient Express no less. Terence Young is one of the best Bond directors, and this is his best Bond film.

Christopher B (gb) wrote: Not a classic, but certainly a moral tale worth seeing.

Kevin R (de) wrote: We're committed to you; and unfortunately, I believe we've made a mistake.Two rich kids in law school decide to try and get away with murder. One student is more of a leader and the follower is a bit of a tool. They feed off each other through the act all the way down to the arrest and their story for the police. Can the police get one of these two law experts to confess?"And you know why I tried it? Because I damn well felt like it."Richard Fleischer, director of Conan the Destroyer, Red Sonja, Amityville 3-D, Mandingo, See No Evil, Mr. Majestyk, Tora! Tora! Tora!, and Doctor Dolittle, delivers Compulsion. The storyline for this picture is actually pretty interesting and caught me off guard. The transition from reckless school boys to courtroom drama was beautiful. The acting was magnificent and the cast includes Orson Welles, Dean Stockwell, Diane Varsi, Bradford Dillman, and Martin Milner."How many languages do you speak?""14."I DVR'd this picture because it starred the great Orson Welles. I was surprised that it took so long for him to become a major part of the film, but it completely worked. The entire film comes together perfectly all the way until the final line is delivered. This is an excellent film that is interesting and definitely worth a viewing. "That weakling. That inferior child."Grade: A-