Los desenfrenados

Los desenfrenados

Two gormless truckdrivers vs five teenaged girls running away from boarding school. And policemen. And chinese resterateurs. And gringo tourists. And etc.

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Craig S (ru) wrote: A slightly too French look at complex relationships through the use of narrative. I actually enjoyed the film - but I really had to question the premise of how the complex relationships came about - or perhaps relationships are just a little more complex for me than they are for others.

Dominic F (it) wrote: I'll NEVER forgive Ashleee Simpson for lipsynching in her concert!

Catherine W (jp) wrote: Vibrant. Cool vision of the fashion world. My favorite of Denis Arcand

Anderson T (mx) wrote: Weird and Disturbing. I LOVE this movie!

Gabriel K (fr) wrote: The narrative is rather straight-forward (a bit unexpected considering it's directed by Nicolas Roeg). Despite being made for TV, production-wise the movie is not bad. Unfortunately the story falls flat, especially when Kurtz finally makes appearance, and it just becomes unconvincing and pointless at that point. John Malkovich's uninspired performance doesn't help, either.

Matt W (us) wrote: Much-maligned but actually superb comedy. Great soundtrack and (John Cleese's over-acting aside) terrific performances.

Ken T (es) wrote: Classic Lang silent film. Dr. Mabuse represents everything that is evil with Germany in the early 1920s - he is a gambler, a forger, an opportunist and bad guy extraordinaire. Dr. Mabuse uses a variety of disguises and employs hypnotism on his prey to ensure he gets what he wants - money and power. The film also mocks the justice department - the hero, the state prosecutor, is on the case, but is often too inept to see the obvious! As Mabuse's obsession for power and money increase, so does the overall impact of the lives of people around him - and not for the better. The film is 4 1/2 hours long, but certainly doesn't feel that length with thoroughly engaging setpieces and a terrific story - with one of cinema's greatest bad guys. The viewer will get the overexaggerated silent cinema acting to be sure! A shocker for the time (even has nude scenes) and certainly a parable for the time, Fritz Lang's Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler is still an outstanding piece of filmmaking.

Joey C (nl) wrote: Amazing view into the life of music legend Bob Marley, from dirt poor child hood in the hills and country of Jamaica, to moving to Kingston in search of a better life with his mother. If you are a reggae music lover, or musician, this documemtary is a must see.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: Should of been so much better but it was just an updated version, Superman saves the day in ways we have all seen before, The story is uninteresting and silly, The film length is too long and the ending was poor, The effects were ok and Brandon Routh played an ok Superman, But it's a poor superhero movie no matter which way you look at it.