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Kevin M (ca) wrote: I love the band enough to seek all of their albums, see them in concert when they're nearby, listen to their podcasts and keep up with them online, but...well, those 100 minutes seemed to go by awfully slowly.I would never think of recommending this to someone who isn't familiar with the band.My four-star rating, though, is based solely on the bonus features on the DVD.

Peter D (kr) wrote: Pretty good cop drama movie showing the corruption of police officers in NYC. I thought it had its moments like any other movie. It had me thinking one thing at the start and by the end, everything changed. This movie really emphasized the brutality of these cops which was actually kind of cool. Overall, it was a fresh concept and backed up by the actual performance of the actors.

Nicholas W (jp) wrote: Great war movie; tearjerker.

Michael D (kr) wrote: Well made adventure-drama based on real events. It says here it is over 2 and half hours long, but the version I managed to see through Netflix was only 1 hour and 50 min and seemed to jump around a bit too much, especially with key events in the end. But it is still a riveting movie about desparation and determination.

Summer M (us) wrote: Paul Telfer= fine, fine, fine!

Karen H (fr) wrote: 2017-03-25 watched for 2nd time, didn't really remember it from first time.

Drake K (ca) wrote: I like the premise of the film more than the film itself. Awsome idea but it just fell apart throughout the film. The cinematography for the film was the best part about it besides the premise. If you're looking for a cheesy slasher film, look no further.

Claudia D (ru) wrote: Classic noir heist film from Jules Dassin is clearly the inspiration behind epic movie robberies from the Pink Panther to Ocean's Eleven. The no-dialogue no-music robbery puts them all into the shade, however. And as for the final horror scene as our hero brings the kidnapped child to safety - mortally wounded, leaking blood from his trouser-leg, swerving through Paris in one of those gorgeous curvy Citroens as the impeccably made-up and corseted mother weeps from a balcony... OMG, I dug holes in my own sofa.

Phillip M (au) wrote: I wanted so desperately not to like Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, I really did. It's a historical piece that takes place on the ocean. Strikes one and two. However, with every minute that passed, I found myself more and more intrigued, sucked in by the great aspects of the movie that I couldn't deny.Based on two novels by Patrick O'Brian, Master and Commander centers around Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) and his command of the ship the HMS Surprise. After spotting a renegade French ship, Aubrey and his crew embark on a mission to intercept the ship and take it out.Yes, there were some things I didn't like about the film, but I think that was more of me trying to settle in to actually allow myself to enjoy it. Once I resigned myself fully, I couldn't get enough. Don't believe me, give it a shot and find out!I'm a fan of solid endings, especially one with a slight twist. Master and Commander achieves that and further succeeds by ending on just the right note. The movie could have gone on for another twenty minutes but director Peter Weir was clever in knowing that it didn't need to.There's way more to love about this movie than just the ending, though. The beginning is just as strong as it takes you immediately into action. Solid visualizations give you a feel for the action right as its happening, making it somehow seem like you're there on the HMS Surprise too. Finally, the film seems to have a great depiction of what it's like to live and fight on a warship. It's literally all hands on deck as the kids are just as involved as the adults. Call me twisted, but it definitely put a smile on my face watching a kid, who could have passed for seven, bust a cap in one of Napoleon's goons. Good stuff.You'll have to excuse me for not watching this sooner. In 2003, I was a nineteen-year-old kid stuck in my own movie world, obsessed with films like The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Amazing movie, but also a safe bet. As I'm starting to come out of my comfort zone, I'm happy to stumble upon movies like Master and Commander. I can see now why it gave Return of the King such a run for its money at the Oscars. Not quite as good, but definitely great in its own right. I give it an 89.

Ulises R (ru) wrote: This is one of the worst movies ever. Dialogues are bad, story goes nowhere, and acting is poor. I'm very upset because I rented this religious crap and wasted half an hour of my life trying to watch it (I couldn't even finish it). I was expecting a lot for being a Spanish Civil War movie. I guess I you are an ignorant religious fanatic you will love it.

Jonathan S (au) wrote: Being There, Bad Boy Bubby, The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, Forrest Gump, Blast from the Past. In that order.

David B (fr) wrote: Big budget musical with top-drawer talent delivering, essentially, a glorified Irving Berlin revue. Merman and O'Connor steal the film with Marilyn struggling to keep up. Bright and fun, a good film that - with a simpler storyline and fewer gee-whiz numbers - could have been great.