Los dos hermanos

Los dos hermanos


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1909
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Los dos hermanos torrent reviews

Troy K (ag) wrote: Pretty good except for bad acting, low budget and a story that never really takes off. I still liked it.

Liy D (jp) wrote: Entertaining and a pretty decent documentary.

Zahid C (gb) wrote: Day: FridayDate: 23 May 2014Time: 10.00 pmWith: NooneOn: HDTV

emily h (ru) wrote: It was good Channing's mustache was awful

Garwin S (de) wrote: As with the first movie Le Caire, nid d'espions, sumptuous period piece pastiche of the 60's spy spoof. The level of humour is a bit unsettling though. When does a joke go past being funny to offensive? Still, Jean Dujardin with his cheesy grin brilliant as ever. Best line: "My dream is that one day you Jews will make peace with the Nazis".

Jason H (ca) wrote: A well made, no-budget slasher film with great gobs of gore and brutal violence. In fact, it's the underlying sense of nastiness that hurt the film for me. I didn't mind all over-the-top slasher goodness, but I don't need to see the killer pee on his victims or dump a full toilet on them. That said, Carver is well acted and directed and the special effects are great, especially for such a low budget. A Bad from this Basement Dweller.

Prach P (kr) wrote: A film with very beautiful pictures and well-connected (though unrealistic) plot. It's not exactly touching though. Unlike some Korean romance films, this one does not really 'move' me - probably because the plot is too unrealistic. I feel it's more like a love-thriller than a romance film.

Chad D (es) wrote: Less hilarious than the first one, but still a welcome dish of comedy from four of today's finest.

Dolores H (br) wrote: Love everything about this film!

Myron d (kr) wrote: It was and will stay a dope movie

Ali T (au) wrote: even though the movie is based on a real event the love store itself came across very unrealistic a peasant man who goes for a bougie woman who is married to a prestigious man fall in love. so they really basing this off of love at first sight I don't buy into that movies kind of boring as well the ending was a beautiful scenery and the most action in the whole movie this is a love story which is not my genre of movies but if it's yours you may have a good time

Justin N (es) wrote: This movie sucks. Left the theatre and went to see a movie I already say like 3 times instead

Muffin M (mx) wrote: I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Har R (au) wrote: if its from the guys who made superbad and knocked up, you know its gonna be funny

Joe M (jp) wrote: A rare Gem. I love smaller title movies, they have great action. I love the rattlesnake having sex part, that was great,

John Eric D (it) wrote: It's a masterpiece. Could have been an art and house but I think it's more than that which is really an amazing film. De Niro deserves accolades I like his acting on this one. A very very long movie but I'm focused very much on the story line. I'm stunned by how the camera angles are placed in. I'm hooked by each of its consequences. This film making at its best. It has some shots where it focuses way too much on the character and you're thinking like, uhmm what's gonna happened next, I'm staring with him or her too much. Which is kinda awkward but it is pretty effective to be honest. You can see those actors emotions very well. The only part that I kinda hate in this film is the structure of the story line. I'm not against with those flashbacks but you kinda think for a bit, how come some scenes are kinda confusing. But you might get it anyways. In the end a must have film. Not just a great mafia film but a must watch drama.