Los extraterrestres

Los extraterrestres

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Joetaeb D (de) wrote: With a dull plot that doesn't attempt to pull off effective scares or thrills, Jessabelle strands it's talented lead Sarah Snook in a bayou horror that's more sleep inducing that nightmare giving.

Vasco M (ca) wrote: One of the lesser JL movies. The animation isn't the greatest and the voice acting is average, but it presents a simple yet very enjoyable plot.

Anson H (fr) wrote: One of the best stop motion movies ever

Jon P (mx) wrote: Great movie, and great music. I just wish they had a few more songs

Amr M (ca) wrote: Stupid story .. stupid performance .. that story should be about sexholic people rather than love or romance ..Quote from IMBD user named lippp : " I liked the characters in this film and the actors playing them. But the truth is this film falls short in its effort to examine sex addiction vs. the complexity of love and relationships."

Jimmy J (us) wrote: Billy found the right girl by kidnapping Ricci. An old tale of romance Buffalo '66 is a self-loathing masterpiece that has a unique charm that keeps you invested in the love-sick tale. Although its pacing might be too slow for some, it is worth the investment once you sink in.

Andrew C (it) wrote: Excellent spy thriller.

Richard H (au) wrote: along with tartu and the praying mantis this is another from the old horror group that cheer you up endlessly, i love how the heroes brylcreem just doesnt work at all and hold his hair in place in the fight scenes. classic stuff

Sylvester E (br) wrote: This is a wonderful film that I know all of you guys will enjoy...

Nandi C (it) wrote: Bette plays this homeless apple lady who with some help from Glenn Ford and friends becomes a lady overnight to greet her daughter and royal future inlaws. makes you glad that their are good folks in the world.

Nicky N (us) wrote: This Movie Sucked.The First Two Were So Much Better.D