Los hombres sólo piensan en eso

Los hombres sólo piensan en eso


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Los hombres sólo piensan en eso torrent reviews

Susan Eliabeth S (fr) wrote: So far so good. Jeremy Fink about to be 13 receives a locked box with "the meaning of life" written on it which sends him on a quest to find the keys.

William P (ag) wrote: This is the best movie I have never seen i give it an awesome out of a billion and 5!!!!!!!

James S (es) wrote: Very impacting when first viewed intoxicated. Might not be worth the rating it's given here, but definitely an edgy, uncomfortable movie that explore the underpinnings of racism and segregation. Originally had 4 stars, downgraded to 3.5. I majorly overhyped this movie for Trish.

Karissa C (us) wrote: good script but a bit boring..

Antonis K (it) wrote: Who can resist a film with such a black and rotten sense of humour?

Jeff B (us) wrote: French film that won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes in 99 (along with Actor and Actress). It's a really character driven film. I like a review I read that described it as "beautiful and disturbing 2 hours and 20 minutes, with only 40 minutes of plot". This film isn't for everyone, it is very slow, long shots that seem like nothing is happening. I didn't mind the shots, they were great to look at, and the lead actor did a great job of acting with speaking. Overall, it's a slow movie, but I think it will stay with me. I guess I'd compare it with Taste of Cherry, I don't know if in the end I really enjoyed the movie, but I'll remember it.

Michael W (nl) wrote: Raises the bar. Formidable follow-up to ENTER, with Cannon/Golan-Globus yielding gold-star results by following their blueprint for success: maximum action at minimal cost. Often cartoonish but always riveting.

John K (ru) wrote: Love these classic carry on movies. If i remember right, this was the first Carry On... movie i saw. Great when you need a laughter lift.

Gregory W (de) wrote: well acted good stuff

Michael H (gb) wrote: Periodic strong segments and some good performances still don't bring this film as a whole above a mid-level production. Worth watching, but only occasionally riveting. Very interesting to see the young Richard Attenborough as the gangster Pinkie Brown. I think Johnny Depp might have modeled some of his performances at least partly on Pinkie Brown.

Andrew L (gb) wrote: I don't know why but the sequel seems alot funnier than the original.

Chuck C (ag) wrote: Prepare to be moved. Themes of identity, aging, medical bureaucracy, the human spirit, and healing are brought together masterfully. A must see.

007 W (br) wrote: This is a fine kids movie it ain't worth talking about