Los indolentes

Los indolentes

Wealthy family in the 1940s have failed to change with the times, and now everything's collapsing in their lives.

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ime S (de) wrote: Just another stupidly funny comedy but this time in the west.

MeShell S (au) wrote: Not as good as the first but still beats out the Americans version of the first.....

Lance B (au) wrote: Spawn was cool but the other monsters made me facepalm myself!

Kevin R (br) wrote: Your sexual gifts are few and bitter.Lieutenant Crow is a ruthless police officer that plays by his own rules. He has been assigned to bring down a female child prostitution pimp. If the streets thought he was ruthless before, they haven't seen anything yet. Crowe has a daughter, and a pimp that sells underage girls gets no slack from him."I'd love to shove this up your ass but I'd hate to dirty my hands."J. Lee Thompson, director of The White Buffalo, Messenger of Death, Death Wish: 4, Firewalker, 10 to Midnight, Battle for the Planet of the Apes, and Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, delivers Kinjite: Forbidden Subject. The storyline for this picture is actually better than I anticipated. The main character was pretty cool and the story unfolds well. The acting was solid for the genre and the cast includes Charles Bronson, Amy Hathaway, Nicole Eggert, Peggy Lipton, Sy Richardson, James Pax, and Juan Fernandez."You try me and you'll be back in mother India."I DVR'd this picture because it starred Charles Bronson. I had low expectations for this film but it actually reminded me of a better version of the Death Wish sequels. This movie is still just an above average action picture; but for the 80s, this isn't half bad (trust me, I've seen some bad ones). If you're an action genre fan, this is worth a viewing but not worth adding to your DVD collection."Drink in one hand and breast in the other."Grade: C+

Michael T (br) wrote: I saw this last night (18/06/2010) at a friend's place; he had acquired a bootleg DVD of this film (which looked like it was copied from a VHS tape of a television broadcast of this film). The film had a brief run in the theatres back when it was released, received some of the worst reviews since HEAVEN'S GATE (1980) and quickly disappeared from movie theatres in Canada and the USA. Heck, I had forgotten seeing trailers for it on TV back in the day until author Dennis Sauter reminded me of this film's existence in his 1996 book (What Were They Thinking?) The Worst Movies Of All Time. One of the most interesting things about this film was that it was financed by two millionaires; one a Japanese financier and the other a South Korean religious leader. Yes, Reverend Sun Yun Moon sank roughly 8-10 miliion dollars into this film and made back about 2 million. No wonder the Moonies declined in the 1980s. Moon hoped to use the profits of this film to male a movie about the life of Jesus. It had a decent director in Terrance Young and good all-star cast. What went wrong? In a word, everything. Laurence Olivier portrays famous U.S. General Douglas MacArthur in a scenary-chewing performance worthy of Vincent Price. And what was the deal with his eyebrows, they look painted on like a Japanese Kabucki artist. Richard Roundtree never really gets to kick North Korean butt in his role as a combat Marine (and he seems too hip and 1970ish for a recently integrated 1950 U.S. military); David Janssen is long-winded and boring and his exposed chest hair screamed for gold chains; Ben Gazzara and Jacqueline Bisset actually try to act in this mess. Moon and many South Koreans have an affinity for Doug MacArthur; he planned the Inchon landing that cut off North Korea's army and he forced the North Koreans back across the 38th Parallel. The movie hints that the Truman administration cruelly put Doug out to pasture after he saved South Korea. What the forget to mention is that Doug was fired by Truman after he stupidly blundered too close to the Chinese border and ended up almost losing the war to Mao's forces when they entered the war...The film itself is almost laughably bad, but don't look for an official DVD release anytime soon.

Kasey C (jp) wrote: The Battle of Algiers. Started off with a bang by leading with the aftermath of a torturous interrogation. From there it basically just kept climbing with intensity. Being that it is a black and white foreign film from a long time ago it is mildly hard to follow at times. Also it would help to know some history from that time period otherwise you are relying solely on what the movie is willing to divulge. This is yet another fantastic example of showing the end of the movie first and then working in reverse order and why that is so effective. The main actor did phenomenal as was the man who played the lieutenant colonel. It's part of the Criterion Collection for a reason; because it's an absolute classic. Loved it but definitely found some things hard to follow. Great movie. 8-8.5/10 easy

James H (au) wrote: Minor low budget horror film from the early 1940's. Bela Lugosi hams it up as always. But it's not too bad. The acting is good and it has a good atmosphere.

Andr D (nl) wrote: MIchael Dudikoff intenta ser un nuevo hroe de accin en esta estpida cinta que, exceptuando a John Fujioka, no tiene ningn valor redimible. Solo en los 80.

Logan M (us) wrote: Humorous, epic, and smart as a whip, "True Grit" is an all-American western and classic.

August C (jp) wrote: A really well done beautifully animated steampunk/alternative history tale.

Janetta B (de) wrote: This movie wasn't as good as I thought it should be, but it was decent....