Los infectados

Los infectados

Revolves around Marcos, a thirty something year old man largely unremarkable but for the fact that he managed to escape an epidemic of the undead sweeping through Mexico City - and, indeed,...

Revolves around Marcos, a thirty something year old man largely unremarkable but for the fact that he managed to escape an epidemic of the undead sweeping through Mexico City - and, indeed,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gusti Rosyam F (jp) wrote: Ah shit, if you look at the cover, you'll think that the film will be a roller coaster with gore-heavy action scenes, too bad its not. Now, once again the Dead Space series is adapted into an animated movie, this time takes place between Dead Space and Dead Space 2. At the beginning, the film promises to be a good horror, but as the film progress, its awfully done. The CGI in the first film is quite approved (while its not good), but this part, the CGI is one of the negative point in the movie. The story sucks a lot and the characters are annoying! The only thing i like about this movie is the ending. Dead Space or non-Dead Space fans will surely pass this movie... Unless you want to be tortured by a real Marker.

Geoff H (br) wrote: Dull... really really dull! Even my kids didn't enjoy it!

Mike V (gb) wrote: This was too slow and with too few plot points to keep me interested. I really couldn't believe the characters or their interactions. The scenes which should have been funny were only mildly amusing. 1001

meggie k (ca) wrote: [font=Microsoft Sans Serif][size=4][color=royalblue]:fresh: Luv this movie!! It's a must see for yall out there livin in the past!:D [/color][/size][/font]

Grayson D (ca) wrote: Probably water's most mainstream film but one of his better ones.

Brian C (mx) wrote: The puppets are better done, and we get more of a backstory to the mad puppeteer. Interesting story and characters and definitely better acted.

Martin S (jp) wrote: Slow, dreamlike and bizarre. A must see for anyone interested in a different movie experience.

Johnny T (au) wrote: Gene Wilder is back in the rut of sending up old film conventions in Haunted Honeymoon, a mild farce. Title is a misnomer, since set-up has radio actor Wilder taking his fiancee Gilda Radner out to his family's gloomy country estate to meet the kinfolk just before tying the knot. Clan is presided over by the tubby, genial Aunt Kate, played by Dom DeLuise, who maintains that a werewolf is on the loose in the vicinity. The gifted British actor Jonathan Pryce shows that he can manage an American accent, and Bryan Pringle gets some juice out of the role of the butler, who's on the juice most of the time. The funniest of the routines is an old but well-done number in which Mr. Wilder pretends that a couple of legs that don't belong to him are his own, in order to get the cops off the scent. VERDICT: "Rental" - (Mixed to Negative reaction). These films are only worth renting because of certain good things that are worth seeing, but are not worth paying at a theatre to see due to bad things that overcome anything good.

Matthew L (br) wrote: Big man going after the bad guys.

Bubba M (us) wrote: a great movie about the struggle in the early days of the nation of Isreal

Bobby K (ag) wrote: Easily the darkest of Hitch's films alongside his most graphic, but it is also among his best. Stunningly acted and toting an amazing script, Frenzy is a bleak, intelligent thriller that represents a high note not just for Hitch, but for the genre as a whole. A later period magnum opus if there ever was one.

A p (jp) wrote: The trailer made it look like a comedy. This was a boring waste of time. Actually not a total waste. It made me come up with my New Year's Resolution: No more wasting time on films about white dudes.

Anngrew G (ca) wrote: Oh lawd - I kept on watching

Josh J (it) wrote: This movie is much better than it gets credit for. Yes it was over-hyped, but it certainly doesn't warrant a 19% score. Its a great middle of the day cable TV movie.