Los Marziano

Los Marziano

Los Marziano reconstruye la oportunidad de un reencuentro entre dos hermanos tras un largo período de distanciamiento. Se trata de un relato que trabaja con profunda inteligencia -y con rasgos de comedia- el universo de las relaciones familiares.

Los Marziano reconstructs the opportunity for a reunion of two brothers after a long period of separation. It is a story that - with deep intelligence and a comedic sensibility - deals with the universe of family relations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan L (ru) wrote: nice little 'no-brainer' for in between.

Anthony F (es) wrote: i used to love this movie when i was younger.

Joel A (it) wrote: A stirring film about 3 generations of men trying 2 connect altogether after many years of disconnection.Ted Danson is desperately wanting to connect with his son & spend time with his father also, at first I assumed this film is a comedy but it really isn't.It's more or less a heart felt drama & I think Jack Lemmon is excellent as Ted's father. It was a bit of sleeper this film & didn't do tell week...I thought it was interesting.

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