Los mercenarios

Los mercenarios


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Rachel B (nl) wrote: very good script. well-directed, no fault at all! whole team is acting just fit! realistic, nothing is overshot.

Jens Y (br) wrote: ett halvt kapittel var nok, sikkert film laget av 1 klasse videregaaende skoleBortkastet tid

Jasmine B (au) wrote: This movie is the first to show me that a film doesn't necessarily have to follow a plot. Sometimes, movies are just meant to show something. The purpose of this film, as I gather it, is to demonstrate the wandering qualities of children and their somewhat aloof regard towards mayhem. Children emit a sense of lightness, as does a balloon. Flight is freedom.

Ron E (us) wrote: [font=Georgia]By the end of the first 15 minutes of "THE WAILER", I was wailing. It was that bad. The Wailer, the dead chick, appeared to be a maniquin on rollerskates being pulled by a rope. Very high school. The highlight of the movie was the breast shot during a game of shots amongst the confused and skatter-brained actors and actresses. The worst part, the movie was in spanish and the subtitles ended displaying about 10 minutes into the movie. We had to guess what was happenning. Not a recommendation.[/font]

Lisa K (au) wrote: Incredible! Slavoj Zizek is one of the most charismatic and brilliant minds of our generation. I was absolutely enthralled by his ideas and his eccentric, relatively crazy personality. I now must read his entire catalog:) SEE THIS!!

Chad D (ag) wrote: While it may not be as original as its predecessor, American Pie 2 brings to life some of the funniest scenes in the series (glue, lesbians, etc). Entertaining enough even while lacking originality, American Pie 2 is hilarious enough for any comedy fan.

Janette H (ag) wrote: Makes me cry every time. Love it

Colin R (nl) wrote: Somewhat dated now. There is a reference in the film to the Moors Murders - I wonder if the details revealed in the films are real or fictionalised.

Joseph B (nl) wrote: Jean-Luc Godard's 1965 film "Alphaville" stars Eddie Constantine as Lemmy Caution, an American private eye sent to the city in space to destroy Alpha 60. Alpha 60 is a computer that rules the city and that has outlawed emotions, love and poetry. It's a science fiction noir that has the look and feel of Hollywood noir films, but ultimately, it's just a rough film to get into.

Indira S (us) wrote: Vivien leigh was Amazing, she's so beautiful, thats all i got from this movie, sorry :I

Anna C (gb) wrote: Enjoyable! Loved the contrast between conversations and actions of all the characters!