Los novios de mi mujer

Los novios de mi mujer


Emilio Antunez and his wife Charo, come to La Molina, willing to spend a few happy days of vacation. Charo, foreseeing that she will meet with important people, brings an assorted and elegant wardrobe, which is soon able to wear when she meets with Aurora, an old school friend who is married to the eccentric millionaire Taboada. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (ca) wrote: A messy movie that throws many narrative elements together without any cohesion, drifting from odd character study to hunt-the-Nazi road-movie, and it is so rambling and disjointed in its structure that it feels pointless, with Sean Penn in an extremely annoying performance.

Jenn T (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed this flick. Well acted with realistic, engaging plot line.

Kimberly A (mx) wrote: Every American Should Watch This!

Stan B (gb) wrote: Even though it is cliche driven, Boy Culture is silly, well acted and an overall entertaining film.

Michael E (gb) wrote: While having a few funny moments and Carrell trying to give it his all, the movie falls flat due to it's poor pacing, very juvenile humor, and no real wit compared to Bruce Almighty

Wesley J (kr) wrote: Goodness gracious, whew! Once the film ends you are grateful to it for releasing you from it's firm-and-icy-cold-kung-fu-grip (i love big brother!. get it?) It has the same effect as Taxi Driver, except it's French like France instead of New York like New York. And there is actual X-rated footage shown. And a screaming fetus. And a warning that counts down how much time you have to get up and leave before it's too late. The leading man nails it and gives a performance that still gives me nightmare-cramps. This movie is cold from beginning to end. It's nearly flawless too, i might add (did add). There are moments when the film rambles (you'll know what i mean) and unless you are fluent in French some of it might be hard to follow. For us English-only types the captions might come and go before you can finish them, but I'm assuming you have a remote and can rewind when needed. Is it worth it to see the film? A big yes. Will you regret it? Maybe. Will it be worth it? I say yes. Will you disagree? Probably. Once you see it, it can't be unseen.

Iris M (kr) wrote: well went to see it coz wanna see DD in it; his performance was good and angelina jolie was great in it; but the movie looks like it was made in the 80s and the script gets ridiculous: triad boss has nothing better to do than to build operation room in hotel in order for a famed doc to play doc?!

Renan P (gb) wrote: Je ne sais pas comment j'ai fait pour tenir 30 minutes devant: mal filme, aucun scenario, rien de drole. Et pourtant, je suis fan des autres films de Dupontel...

Michele U (ru) wrote: strange movie...erotic at times...but the bloody ending wiped any positive feeling I felt towards the movie!

Amanda L (de) wrote: Seems everyone was just profiting off of the murders she committed and her pending execution. Most of the interviews are just people avoiding the cameras or telling nothing.

Steve M (it) wrote: A brilliant look at the dark side of desire with the usual Bunuel touches. One of the best last films by a director.

Vijay N (kr) wrote: Network is a finely crafted film, which successfully transfers the craziness of the characters straight into the brains of viewers. Paddy Chayevsky won the academy award for a strong reason, as this movie is incorporated with a lot of diverse ideas or preachings which are delivered in sharp notes. Sidney Lumet, deserves a praise as it is very difficult to project a subject of this chaotic nature with such pointedness. Peter Finch and Faye Dunaway charm in their characters. The cinematography is enough to maintain the weirdness of the plot. Sound Design triumphs, as the noisy television media sounds clear simultaneously disturbing.The Dialogue between any two characters is written with utter care and one cannot forget the madness of speeches the movies has.

timothy r (ca) wrote: A slight sad post-apocalyptic story of 2 kids wandering a vast waste land looking for the lost city of Metropolis - Glen saw in a ragged comic book. Of course they never find it and along the way we're privy to watch humanity's last gasp. Made for about a dollar and well worth a look.

Thomas W (jp) wrote: why did it only get two stars?

Chris J (fr) wrote: Really good movie! Loved the story and the characters!!

William W (br) wrote: Definitely one of the finest romantic comedies ever made. Colbert and Gable make an outstanding couple. Their nighttime yearning for each other reminded me of similar work from the same time halfway around the world in L'Atalante.

Sherie P (mx) wrote: Jessica Chastain's highly compelling film debut. A tad on the melodramatic side at times, this is nonetheless a moving film which stays with you long after the last frame. It is, I should add, also a very confronting film, so much so that I would only recommend it to ages 17+.