Los numeros

Los numeros

A young policeman gets into trouble after winning the lottery. Adventure and problems follow, as well as lots of beautiful women. The officer runs danger to fall prey to a large scam, but he also can find true love and realizes: in order to win his fate, he has to take chances and play.

A young policeman gets into trouble after winning the lottery. Adventure and problems follow, as well as lots of beautiful women. The officer runs danger to fall prey to a large scam, but he also can find true love and realizes: in order to win his fate, he has to take chances and play. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul S (us) wrote: This was pretty good. I have to give indie movies credit where it is due. This had a reasonably good story and I enjoyed how it progressed. I really liked the personal growth of the main character. A couple reviewers mentioned that they were put off by the ending, but I thought their objection to it was overblown. The ending was not a monumental let down, even though I think it could have been wrapped up a little bit better. Nonetheless, this wound up being worth my time. I don't quite think I'd watch it again, but I can still tell people that I find it worth watching once. So enjoy.

Nicholas M (it) wrote: glee-esque formula never fails me! surely before sucks came before the success. reminiscence of youth with their innocence and endless of perseverance. this is what teens movie should be: a li'l bit of romance, friendship, and lots of 'be yourself' mantra.

Todd S (ag) wrote: I don't know what in the hell possessed me to rent this film, and why I thought there was even a possibility that it would be even close to good with such a stupid plot, but I went there, and I'm sorry I did. Apparently, the British military has nothing better to do then to build a big chamber underground, at one of it's secret military bases, for the purpose of summoning and imprisoning a ghost. Once they do, they can't possibly understand why the ghost is so angry and is killing people, so they bring in a psychic from The United States, because I guess there aren't any in the UK? She does her talking and tries to make a connection, when inevitably the ghost escapes and runs a muck on the base. This is the kind of poorly written ridiculous story that gives horror movies a bad name. If this were the only kind of horror I'd ever been subjected to, I'd think horror movies sucked too. The cast acts like a bunch of complete idiots, the writing is a complete joke, and I'm left asking myself what's the point? Let me ask you a question, if a ghost is attacking and you shoot a gun at it, and it doesn't work, would you continue to shoot at it for the next hour? This movie is literally that stupid. I don't know how things like this get made, they are not only demeaning to the people who star in them, but they are insulting to the people who have to watch them, avoid this film like the plague.

Mark K (kr) wrote: The definition of a bad movie with a horrible title.

Sergio E (ru) wrote: well the movie takes you up and down the time stream it's a little work for you it's not that difficult still it makes the movie watchable but it's not the great movie you're thinking with the kind of acting power that it has but it's a nice sunday movie!! An undercover FBI agent faces a moral dilemma when he's asked to torture a member of one of the world's most powerful crime syndicates. Jimmy Vaughn (Cole Hauser) is hired by a mysterious and unseen crime lord named Ziggy, to torture a confession out of his accountant (Laurence Fishburne). We learn that to gain entry into Ziggy's crime syndicate, Jimmy himself had to undergo a brutal initiation process that is fresh in his mind while he is inflicting his own type of torture on this poor accountant. Jimmy is not who he appears to be as he is actually an undercover FBI agent with ties to the top of the agency. His job is to infiltrate the crime syndicate and learn the true identity of Ziggy, before Ziggy can get inside the FBI and take down the people he has unfinished business with.

horacio s (nl) wrote: A very lightheaded romantic comedy. In an effort of exploring the actual Italian community the movie moves very safe, as for romance chemistry is very low, as for comedy Jakes' friends are the funniest and the best beat of the movie they do have a better chemistry. The girl C. Vincent is very charming and sexy, natural with a character not so challenging. Nothing more than a simple date movie.

Michael R (kr) wrote: It is a documentary. Its the most significant information ever released. Don't worry Bill and Ted, you'll see!

Donald D (jp) wrote: Cute, playful style, all around not bad.

Ingrid Y (jp) wrote: A complex story- well told

Jairo A (it) wrote: Shrek 2 picks right up where the first movie left off and it delivers good laughs again! The Villain(s) seemed to be a little weaker this time but it did fit nicely with the story. Overall, a good movie...but it's not better than the first part. 3.5/5 OR 7/10

Paul K (ag) wrote: compared to its Predecessor this films animation is really poor the story is not interesting but what is really good is the voice talents are really good most of my Favorite actors are in it like Kevin Kline from Wild Wild West, Demi Moore, Michael McKean(his usually funny but as Sarousch his Character is no match for Tony Jays Frollo in the First Film), Jason Alexander wowed me in the First one but in this one not as well, Jennifer Love Hewitt is good as Madelline the singing is good and Haley Joel Osment from the Sixth Sense and Secondhand Lions(his Performances in his other films are so good in this one its not one of his best and he was 13 when this was out he the film was in production after the first one so he voiced Zephyr when he was 9 two years before he achieved International fame for his role in the sixth sense) and the rest of the cast is good but the first one is scary so they wanted to make it suitable for kids but this is not the best The Country Bears(which Haley Joel Osment featured in) and The Adventures of Tom and Thumbelina(which Jennifer Love Hewitt featured in) are so much better to Watch but this is good for family and Literature so I wouldn't mind watching it

James M (au) wrote: Barbra Streisand is Mentl

Orlok W (br) wrote: Off beat pairing makes for interesting Journey--A wacky trip!!

Steven N (us) wrote: It is very well done in the way that they convey an acid trip to film. I feel it should have ended halfway through but all in all it is one of my favorites

Sherry (mx) wrote: A funny Horror movie.........cheesy^^