Los palomos

Los palomos

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Michael B (kr) wrote: Interesting- 2 really good actors in my book- Jeff Daniels and Don Cheadle. If I were to watch this again, I would only choose NetFlix for this.

Oliver S (kr) wrote: Does exactly what it sets out to do. Great acting.

Mishka C (gb) wrote: PlotCoraline relocates to a new house where she soon feels ignored by her working parents. She discovers a secret door and slips into a magical world where she meets a loving and caring 'Other mother '- things seem perfect but there is hidden danger about to unfold.ReviewThis fantasy horror film is creepy, scary, unpredictable but exciting. It takes us from the boring reality of everyday life to the charming 'other world'.Coraline is a young, feisty, curious and courageous girl. She gets bored with her new neighbourhood and starts to explore her surroundings. Her parents are too busy trying to make a living and give her little attention. She tells them about her adventures but they don't believe her and aren't very impressed. Soon Coraline finds out that the 'Other mother' is evil. She traps children, steals their eyes and stiches buttons in their place. In an effort to save the ghost children Coraline makes a bet/plays a game with the other mother and tries to free the souls of the trapped children and her parents.VerdictThis terrifying but interesting movie is one of the most amazing children stories of all time.

CorrinaBing B (it) wrote: Brilliant film, very funny.started out hating dek characters cause he was such a wet fish and loving jimmy character. Then at the end i couldn't help but will jimmy to bugger off and dek to get the family back together. Well worth a watch loved it.

Wahida K (br) wrote: I was very surprised by this Movie as a friend recommenden it to me. The Main Character and his jealous towards his wife and her best friend. A friendship between woman and man doesnt mean "Falling in love" It was funny how he fantasies funny and stupid stuff when he saw Salman and Madhuri together. Nice songs. Madhuri Dixit beautifull forever with her Dance Skills. I m not a Shahruk Khan fan but I have seen his old Movies those 90`and my Friends this Man can play a great Psycho and a Jealous Lover. Check movies like Anjaam and Darr.We see Salman Khan talking about his girlfriend and we also see he talks with her on Phone, I guess many Audience didnt expect it would be Aishwarya, and she is blind in the Movie. A Cameo appeareance at the End of the Movie. Still the plot is very familiar to a Hollywood Movie to me.

Willie J (nl) wrote: Denzel Washington has an amazing directorial debut.Everything about the film for the most part is very good,especially Derek Luke's performance,which is amazing and inspirational.His performance deserved more awards than it got.The story itself is attractive,and the film does reaches the star it was reaching for,to be emotionally touching.

Russ B (ag) wrote: I really think this one is terribly overrated and I believe if it had not been featured in "True Romance" that no one would have given a crap about any of these movies.I also have would not buy into the "uncut" versions that have been for sale since the "True Romance" days. I remember buying a copy in a small boutique on 42nd street a few years before that had alot whole lot more gore scenes than Mr. Tarintino's release.

John M (ag) wrote: Has some good things going for it, but ultimately never rises above the standard cop drama story. You have this girl, Claire, who witnesses a murder in a nightclub in New York. Afraid that there might be an attempt on her life before she can pick the killer out of a line-up, the cops put her under 24-hour surveillance, with our main character, Mike Keegan (Tom Berenger) being one of the three cops in charge of watching over her. He falls in love, but is also married with a child, and I can't decide whether I like the love story aspect because it is so nontraditional or I dislike it because it makes the hero out to be a big jerk. Some of the casting is great; Jerry Orbach is natural as a lieutenant as you would imagine, and Andreas Katsulas is menacing as the bad guy, you may remember him from The Fugitive. It's all well and good; I still haven't seen anything from Ridley Scott that I would qualify as "bad", but this type of story has been done to death and I expect there to be more to it coming from such a talented mind.

Matt A (fr) wrote: so bizarre but incredible

Guilherme N (nl) wrote: The truth of lie, and the lie of truth

Guy H (es) wrote: Soapy, melodramatic and perfectly camp, Written on the Wind is made memorable by it's strong supporting players and an active sense of self-irony.

Nikki N (us) wrote: I thought this movie is scary, cute and funny at the same time. I love watching classical horror films from the 70's 80's and 90's because our nowadays and remakes are a big waste and they all bore me to death. The horror from the past is better and made me jump

david g (jp) wrote: I give it a five stir loco movie

Lora N (ag) wrote: These movies are just getting worse and worse. I'm wondering if the new one is going to be just as bad.