Los perdedores

Los perdedores

When the July 18, 1936 saw the uprising against Republican Spain urgent military necessity and made little popular support General Franco ordered compulsory mobilization of all Muslims capable of bearing arms who lived in northern Morocco.

When the July 18, 1936 saw the uprising against Republican Spain urgent military necessity and made little popular support General Franco ordered compulsory mobilization of all Muslims capable of bearing arms who lived in northern Morocco. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler R (fr) wrote: *Okay, just to be clear, this is a review for the 2014 Leprechaun: Origins film. I figured I'd point that out because on the page for this film, I see nothing but reviews, both critic and general audience, for the original with Warwick Davis.* Okay, now that that is cleared up, let's get to the review. You know you have a real gem when you see WWE Studios flash their logo in the opening logos. This remake-sequel-prequel-whatever follows four backpackers in Ireland who come across an ancient evil. This film completely disregarded the campiness of the originals, which made them somewhat tolerable. Instead, what we get is a straight faced, deadly serious film, which leads to a deadly boring film. Even at a brisk ninety minutes, there is nothing to recommend here. It is almost like everyone involved compiled every horror movie clich, stacked them in a neat and tidy pile on top of their laptop, then smashed down on that pile with a sledgehammer until something stuck. We get the whole shebang here: One dimensional characters such as the tough guy, the slut, the innocent girl and the one who redeems himself. We also get annoyingly loud "jump scares", innocent townsfolk who aren't innocent, and so on and so on. You think of a clich, this film has it. And unlike The Cabin in the Woods, it doesn't try to do anything special with them. And speaking of nothing special, the "leprechaun" is nothing special when it reveals itself. I put that in quotations, because it could easily be any number of Syfy rejects. By the time the film ends, the viewer is left with something that manages to be worse than the already horrible original, which is truly amazing. The film's biggest scare? It actually ends with a tease for a sequel. Truly terrifying thought, right there.

Ludovic D (kr) wrote: Sympa et distrayant, Fred n'est pas aussi bon acteur qu'Omar

Sugarissa C (ru) wrote: i watched this one's last 20-30 mins but i got what it means.......a fascinating [email protected](.)@

Frederic B (fr) wrote: this is the stuff of legends (if you're interested in infrastructure) AES moves into Georgia, find rotten system through and through, tries to fix it, fails, moves out having lost millions and -of course, a state-owned russian company takes over... this film also shows that being an electrical engineer in a developing country is not unlike being a peacekeeper in a wartorn country. you spend most of the time on the street surrounded by a mob and they are seriously thinking of lynching you...

Sheila S (fr) wrote: I've tried to find it everywhere, but the dvd's not available in Indonesia :( but i ain't give up y'all! i have to have it!!

Rick R (es) wrote: Summer of Sam (1999)Maybe, it's because I'm West Coast instead of East Coast. Did New Yorkers really care about the Zodiac Killer? Maybe it's because I've never been a big fan of Spike Lee's movies (except for maybe Malcolm X), but this movie didn't do much for me. I've always been curious about it, and finally got a chance to see this.I love all of the actors and actresses who were in it, especially Mira Sorvino. :-) but it just seemed like this movies was all over the map, talking about everything going on that summer in NY that may or may not have had anything to do with the Son of Sam killer.However, I found myself glewed to the screen until the end of the movie, so I guess that's the mark of a good movie, huh?

Justin B (us) wrote: Wonderfully trashy slasher that has enough stylistic flourishes to help keep it a cut above the plethora that were released at the time.

Wahida K (kr) wrote: The Origins of poetry is sadness There is something I would like to clear up about this Movie: You dont have to be a Muslim to watch this Movie, it is not about Islam! This Movie is a message to all Men and Women around the World!This is one of the sadest Movies about a Woman, who suffered in silence. One should see it to understand. Salma Agha`s first Movie and she sang the songs too. A very nice perfomance by Salma Agha. I really had to cry at the end.

Sam S (es) wrote: I won't say this was a good movie but I won't say this was bad either. It's not as good as White Lightning but I kinda liked it but I thought some of it was kinda dumb but it was an okay story of redneck crimes and stuff in it but I didn't see many car chase type scenes in this movie as I would see in a Burt Reynolds movie and Country & Western musician Jerry Reed who would later be Snowman in the Smokey & The Bandit movies with Burt Reynolds I just couldn't see him as a bad guy in this movie either.

Skhye S (ru) wrote: want want want to see this!!!!

Michael B (gb) wrote: Perfect movie - if they cut it by 20 minutes ;)