Los piratas

Los piratas


The Cast Aways saga continues as the shipwrecked islanders discover a cave full of buried treasures, along with the bones of Pirates. They use the cave as a shelter and plan an escape with the loot. Before their plan is complete, a ship arrives with pirates, lead by a young woman, who have come to claim their treasure as their own, and a battle ensues between them and the shipwrecked islanders.The islanders discover by chance that the new arrivals have no claim to the treasure, and their leader a treasure hunting imposter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felix W (jp) wrote: Mel Gibson is one the most diverse actors of his generation and although many people might not like him they cannot deny his talent. "Blood Father" is proof for his talent. While it is of course not as magnificent and deep as many other Mel Gibson movies it is still a good thriller. Mel Gibson shines in this role and presents himself from a totally different side. He is ripped, foulmouthed and tattooed but he still delivers as solid performance.This movie reminds a bit of Mel Gibson's earlier piece "Edge of Darkness" but it is good in it's own way.The story is well thought out and all characters deliver solid performances. Gibson and Moriarty have a good chemistry. One thing that was bothering me throughout the movie though was that we never find out what exactly happened to Gibson's character and why exactly he went to jail for 9 years. All in all this is a good movie with a good as usual Mel Gibson, some good action sequences and a lot of heart.

Nelson D (es) wrote: Rachel Weisz, lovely as usual.

George Q (ca) wrote: 35 Doses de Rum (Dir: Claire Denis) Um filme s de pequenos detalhes cotidianos. Muito bonito.

Angel B (jp) wrote: i wont watch it a second time

Paul D (de) wrote: The fusion of two unrelated genres never does work in this very cliche full and forgettable fable.

Nicholas R (gb) wrote: One of Kitano's best

Aaron F (nl) wrote: what a great concept that i would like to see more in movies. just not in shitty movies.

Sensay C (jp) wrote: Simply put, one of the greatest b-movies ever. Oliver Gruner is a poor mans Arnold Schwarzenegger and special notion to "Dollman" aka. Tim Thomerson

Martin H (fr) wrote: Cute feel good movie from the 80's that I've loved ever since I was a little kid. 8/10

Art S (us) wrote: Clever in its concept with the potential to really scathingly satirize Madison Avenue (when the only Black ad exec is made chairman of the board and takes things in an increasingly militant and confrontational direction) but then what? Fluxus or dada or did the film just plain fall apart? A comedy of sorts and there are some good shots (in the 1969 context) at the white power elite when the tables are turned - but mostly this is a chaotic low-budget, often silly, sometimes pointless or tactless affair. From the mind of Robert Downey Sr. which may be revealing of something. I wanted to like it.

Octavio M (ru) wrote: One of the forgotten gems of the 60s. Of course, this film was not one of Peck and Loren's better performances, but this film is worth the watch. Sure the humour maybe campy and is modeled after a cheesy mystery novel (the cypher), and it was probably a likely precursor to the for the upcomming Bond film "Dr. No".

Xavier G (gb) wrote: The movie is shot in an indy style I like, but the plot is nonsense and boring. And, yes, Kat Dennings is pretty, but we already knew that. Skippable.