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Cayetana, her boyfriend Paco and Venancio, her foster brother, commit small thefts and, from time to time, spend a few days in jail. Until they meet with Federico, a thief who has traveled abroad and convince them that using European methods success is guaranteed. Paco then decides to act scientifically and seizes a hospital surgical equipment. When they want to realize, poor Venancio is forced to give an injection to a dentistry patient and, even worse, Paco has to pull out a tooth. And all that, before entering the operating room . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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O S (jp) wrote: I was ready to say this was a cheesy must watch but god damn that ending ruined that plan. Overall it's entertaining but you can leave this on the shelf without losing anything.

Jason K (de) wrote: Was better back in 2008, sadly it doesn't hold up past that. Too many dick jokes for the sake of dick jokes and nothing other then that.

Ravi S (us) wrote: A nice enough movie, which did what it was trying to do. I hope the Mumbai movie industry will keep investing in technology and techniques to continue to improve this genre.

Justin B (kr) wrote: The animation is [slightly] better but it's almost completely absent of the subversive Indy charm and fairy tale deconstruction that made the original a cult classic.

Alex S (de) wrote: The Strangers isn't a typical slasher, or horror for that matter, in the sense that it's not what's on screen that's scaring you, it's the idea. The Strangers is much scarier than most horror films and especially slasher films because there is no motive for the villains, all they're there to do is psychologically torture the two main characters until the very scary ending. The Strangers is a misunderstood horror movie that may suffer from blandness at times, but is nonetheless an undeniably scary, very underrated modern horror movie

Cory O (jp) wrote: A really bad movie with absolutely horrible acting

Alan D (ca) wrote: Not as good as the first but it's still a good addition to the series.

Prince F (us) wrote: ...."Many will come in my name,but you will judge them by their fruits".So said Jesus!

Christina G (ca) wrote: So awful its good...awesome choice for 3am viewing

David S (ru) wrote: "Rich and Famous" is a film that is most definitely trying to emulate the classic Godfather films. The film focuses on both family, crime, loyalty, and revenge; themes Godfather explored to a greater, and better, degree. Also like the Godfather, this was a two-part series (at the time it was made, rather). However, this film comes nowhere near the level of those classic films and actually doesn't even rise above the status of average.One reason is the acting. With the exception of Chow Yun Fat, who exudes a high level of charisma, the acting is generally over the top and unbelievable. The audience tends to find the proceedings humorous simply because the actors' inability to maintain any degree of seriousness. As a result, we find the film not truly emotionally involving or intense since we don't particularly care what occurs with these characters.Another reason is the film's lack of focus. The narrative tries to incorporate many different story elements into the film, but this results in portions of the movie becoming underdeveloped as well as lacking any real sense of coherency. The audience sometimes becomes lost at the proceedings we are viewing, not knowing what are character's motivations are. We also get confused in which characters are whom since the narrative readily shifts focus between characters at a rapid rate.The film's climax does contain a decent gun fight and is probably the highlight of the film. The movie tries to create an dramatic set piece with it taking place on grand steps of a church, but again since we don't care about the characters, we don't care about what happens; The scene loses it's intensity and suspense because of this. The other action set pieces are rather mundane in nature, with a feeling of it being too controlled rather than free flowing.In general, this is a strictly average film and isn't recommended to the general film viewer... Only hard core genre enthusiasts and fans of Chow Yun Fat should consider this film for viewing.

Miles S (au) wrote: copy i watched was shit. im sure its hilarious to watch properly

Adam P (fr) wrote: One of my new favorite movies. Go see it.

Matt C (kr) wrote: Was so hoping this would be another diamond in the rough like kidulthood but unfortunately on the whole it comes up short and lacking that focus that you want.However as a first film it's a good sign for Ben Drew (aka plan B) if things to come.

Grant T (us) wrote: Filled with intense action and violence, along with beautiful scenery, killing season sends a thought provoking message. Sure there were a few moments where one should have killed the other, but the two leads give some of their best performances and are provided with an excellent script. Worth a see!

Theis K (it) wrote: Definitely not from 1998, but still a good movie.

Terri C (kr) wrote: The first time I watched this movie it was immediately after I had finished the book, which of course was a bad idea as it didn't come close to living up to the world created by Sara Gruen in my eyes. However I must admit, having just re-watched it 3 years later, I found myself enjoying the movie nearly as much as I did the book.My only criticism would be the questionable casting choices for Jacob and Marlena's characters. While Pattinson and Witherspoon both do a good job, their chemistry as a couple remains unconvincing and most certainly lacks the charm and love portrayed so beautifully in the book.

Andrey B (mx) wrote: As one critic said you whether like this movie or not. I liked it very much, cinematography is brilliant, acting is as one can consider: Brando and Taylor. This movie is enigmatically voyeristic.

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