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Los subdesarrollados

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Samuel H (fr) wrote: Looper is a perfect addition to the already deep list of classic American Sci-Fi films. The directing and plot are witty and engaging as are the actors that accompany the film. Gordon-Levitt's Makeup is so convincing at times, that I could almost swear he was a younger Bruce Willis. Looper is an absolute must see.

Jenn M (fr) wrote: How this series made it so far,.I don't know. Should have stuck with 1, possibly 2 and just ended it

Edward F (fr) wrote: Highly emotional and fanatsic acting from all the cast. Truly a masterpiece for conveying the devastation and loss to humanity when the tsunami had struck and if it wasn't for the rather slow pace of the film it would be given all five stars.

Ryan V (jp) wrote: This ambitious indie film centers on a pair of engineers who discover a means to travel through time. Writer/director Shane Carruth possesses a background in engineering and he wanted to shoot a film where the goofy "scientist-speak" of the typical Hollywood movie was replaced with dialogue that was a bit more credible. However, the microbudget of Primer meant that second takes were rare and that a few scenes come off as amateurish; there's an outdoor scene near some water fountains that really could've used an effective placement of boom mics. Regardless, Primer's knotty plot asks more out of its viewers than a typical sci-fi yarn and it's hard not to admire what this movie is trying to do. My appreciation for this film grew by a significant margin after a second viewing.

Jennifer P (gb) wrote: One of the absolute worse films i have ever seen in my life. It probably IS the worst one I've seen. Badly acted, written, shot, produced. Some of these terms shouldn't even apply to this dung heap. Terrible.

Sean C (it) wrote: Nice little fantasy adventure but it takes a little long to get going.

stefn birgir s (us) wrote: Hoax has a lot of problems. He is somewhat retarded, he has an overbearing christian mother with too much hair, he is played by a gay porn star - the list goes on. Cue the evil phone number (yes, an evil phone number) that gives him demonic powers of the occult! The first movie (of two) directed by Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund, who does a competent job, the plot is just so incredibly weak.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Another excellent number from Rogers and Astaire, with more focus on the story than the song and dance... and with some scenes shot away from the sound stage!