Los superagentes, nueva generación

Los superagentes, nueva generación


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Philip W (mx) wrote: A dirty grimy film for star Chris Evans, Snowpiercer is a film we hardly get to see with a A-list actor. Extremely original and dark, this film completely takes place on a train that carries all that's left of humanity following an environmental threat. A bit disturbing and gruesome at points, Snowpiercer is a great one time watch in a period of film in which original ideas are becoming more scarce.

Jacob P (gb) wrote: A great horror flick. The story was good, and the tension kept on going. Some pretty scary and intense scenes/imagery in here. One of my favorites of the After Dark series.

Nathan S (es) wrote: From the same twit that gave you "Sharktapus", gives you this predictable yarn about a science experiment gone bad. Like all of the previous films he has made lately. What's next: "T-Rexwhale" or even "Horseshark"? I guess he's going with a repeating one-trick pony. But, I won't be tricked again.

Tristan M (ru) wrote: The trailer for this movie actually gave it a decent looking plot and a cool idea, which was somewhat right, but failed to show us all the things that broke it. The idea of all the dates of disasters that killed a large number of people on a found piece of paper is cool and original for sure, and if done correctly could have been really cool actually. But instead we get this... I've never been a fan of Nick Cage, although he has been in some decent movies, however hear he's yet again just kinda blah with less than impressive acting supported by a unimpressive script. The weird as hell creepy guys that followed their families around and eventually took their kids turned out to be aliens that we're looking for humans to continue the race I guess. Yes, ALIENS. Where the hell did that come from, because it totally ruined a bad movie, and made the ending one of the stupidest plot twists ever. The scary aspects of the movie weren't overly scary, but were creepy and just had us asking what was even going on. The rocks that were given by the aliens and that were in the camper were never explained, they were just kinda there and marked where the ship would be coming is my best guess. The CGI for the disasters wasn't amazing but not total crap, the plane crash was pretty cool I'll admit, the train less so as it was just kinda outta control, but the fire effects were just garbage. There's literally so much wrong here that I'm forgetting it, simply because I can't fill my brain with that many prove kms happening in such a short time. I watched this purely out of the idea of having all the dates of oncoming disasters being found and witnessing them happen, but instead found aliens, the end of the world, crazy demon kids from horror movies, the world catching on fire, child abduction, and too much time with Cage. Feels like a toned down 2012. Has a good laugh at times I guess.

Darryl M (fr) wrote: Saw it don't take the rating, see it and judge for yourself. Real good movie that very few people see

Rhonda P (nl) wrote: Very interesting good story line

Rebecca P (gb) wrote: I enjoyed it. Peaceful and puzzling mixed with cinematic artistry. Perhaps a bit too simple, but beautiful all the same.

Deb S (es) wrote: Wesley Snipes plays a man seeking revenge for the death of his daughter in a high school shooting incident. He calls himself Joe and takes a hostage Liberty (Linda Fiorentino of Last Seduction), the wife of the `evil' gun manufacturer (Oliver Platt), who, in this movie, is a mega-corporation that has every politician in the USA in its pocket. He has her cuffed to a hot-dog stand in a park which contains a bomb that is set to blow if her cell phone he is communicating to her on dies and plans on killing anyone that approaches her with the sniper-rifle he has pointed at her from a nearby building (am getting flashbacks of phone booth here) Linda Fiorentino is gorgeous but the anti-gun stance was weak, I would have expected some intelligent dialog somewhere. Nevertheless it deserves praise for trying to make a statement about guns, gun control, and violence.

Steve C (br) wrote: This is a maudlin melodrama, pretend story about a real person, James Whale an old Hollywood movie director (Bride of Frankenstein). I no fan of biopics to begin with and this one is as bad as most can be. Ian Holm is old and homosexual in orientation. He gets all worked up when young men happen by. Even though this (sin of?) lust gives him a stroke that sends him to the hospital. Really! There is a scene early on when this actually happens. But the main story is hots for gardener, a strapping no-so-bright young man of around 30 years old. And the old man is traumatized by being in the trenches in WWI, 40 years earlier. Anyway, I didn't like this movie. The Bride of Frankenstein is a lot better than this.

Karen B (nl) wrote: I watch the oddest stuff, not the best but it's ok.

Brandon Q (de) wrote: Apparently I AM the single person alive, maybe add one or two otherstops, but it would seem as though I LITERALLY AM the 1 (one) and onlyindividual that has ever watched this honestly quite charming littledark fantasy film who finds it possessing some frankly intriguingmerits; good pacing, interesting characters and scenario, fantasticcreature makeup (Phil Fondacaro as the Troll prince exudes amagnificent degree of personality, and the miniature puppet of himtoward the end remains one of the very best I've ever seen!), yetanother cool fantasy film starring Noah Hathaway, get out of town, whatmore could one possibly ask for? AND Sonny Bono? AND a musical number,performed by all of the fantastical creatures invading the brownstoneapartment building? AND, no less than June Lockhart, in what simplyMUST BE her very best film performance ever!! Eunice St. Clair?? Getout of town! The 'Faerie Princess' poem which Fondacaro recites overdinner at the special request of the troll-possessed little sister...positively mesmerizing! In my honest, earnest opinion, TROLL has A LOTgoing for it! Naturally, I cannot deny that the picture DOES containtwo or three moments which are positively wretched, still director JohnCarl Buecheler did a wonderful job (in my unpopular position ofapplause for the film) with his direction, the score is really verygood, the cast wild & woolly, features a good number of wtf momentstotally out of left-field and also invented a father and son duo bothnamed Harry Potter? If you enjoy all-age-friendly fantasies, stillpossess an open mind and aren't expecting a Bergman or Kurosawacinematic revelation, you might find as much disposable enjoyment inTROLL as I did, which many, many others were not capable of discoveringfor themselves. I mean, seriously all y'all, how terrible can a moviefeaturing a full scene where Michael Moriarty makes a complete idiot ofhimself lip-syncing and dancing (spazzing, more to the point) to theentire recording of Blue Cheer 'Summertime Blues' really be??

Eric V (it) wrote: Interesting concept: by somewhat unbelievable circumstances a couple are stranded in the middle of the ocean, while nature waits in the distance preparing to attack. Although I enjoy the realism, this concept doesn't hold my attention for the short running time. Watch the non-Disney Frozen instead

Ghee L (es) wrote: This is actually a great and sweet movie. How fun would it be to build a hotel just for dogs. Dog lovers will like this movie.