Los últimos de Filipinas

Los últimos de Filipinas

During the time of the Spanish-American War, the commandant of a Spanish detachment in Baler, in the Philippines, realizes that the native people of his district are planning an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rahul S (ca) wrote: Crime-Thriller with captivating script.

IVRt (gb) wrote: a good storyline but it would have been better with more main-stream actors... but out of all the actors I would say that I loked... Sarah & Nichael ... rent only ... not worth much more

Carla H (br) wrote: Volver is evidence that an engaging performance from Penelope Cruz and smart directing by Pedro Almodovar can polymerize a seemingly comic slice of life into a film that is more profound but not less enjoyable.

Ricky A (nl) wrote: Interesting trip and super cute story

Stanley K (kr) wrote: Right balance between smart-alecky attitude and sentiment.

Zackary G (ru) wrote: It's a good movie, but like always the novel (or in this case, Novella) is much better. Hopefully a ''closer to the book" version arrives one day. It's much more sinister, and frightening. McKellen & Renfro were great, however. I enjoyed both of them, and understood the change in ending and such, despite my earlier complaints. I enjoy it very much.

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Blais E (jp) wrote: Supremely enjoyable and little-known black comedy detailing the murderous lengths a group of old-timers will go to to avoid being displaced when their ancient tenement is razed, all in the name of progress. All of the performances are excellent by the outstanding cast of (very) old-school vets, but Paula Trueman, as the impish ringleader of the obstinate octogenarians steals the show with her comically- cajoling and -conniving machinations. At times, charming and very amusing, other times dark and disturbing. An interesting and thought-provoking statement on both the up-and-downsides of urban renewal. Thematically similar to the later "Batteries Not Included" without the massive doses of Spielbergian schmaltz.

Greg W (ag) wrote: good costume epic about the suez canal.

John R (ag) wrote: 4/5. The most poetic view of the troubled city that you will probably ever see.