Los verduleros 3

Los verduleros 3

Enjoy a fun day with the cops that leak to bad to good to pursue! A sensational affair with a dangerous killer who escapes from prison and decides to take revenge on them killing them one to one ... If crime is bad business and crime a disease ... do not worry friends Alfonso Zayas is medicine! Enjoy this sensational sexy comedy with more parrots and destrampados greengrocers market of laughter and love.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,  

Enjoy a fun day with the cops that leak to bad to good to pursue! A sensational affair with a dangerous killer who escapes from prison and decides to take revenge on them killing them one to one ... If crime is bad business and crime a disease ... do not worry friends Alfonso Zayas is medicine! Enjoy this sensational sexy comedy with more parrots and destrampados greengrocers market of laughter and love. Divertase con los policias que dejan escapar a los malos Para perseguir a las buenas! Una sensacional aventura con un peligroso homicida que se fuga de prision y decide vengarse de ellos asesinandolos uno a uno...Si el crimen es un mal negocio y la delincuencia una enfermedad... no se preocupen amigos Alfonso Zayas es la medicina! Disfrute esta sensacional sexy comedia con los verduleros mas cotorros y destrampados en el mercado de la risa y del amor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe A (ag) wrote: A Night In The Woods is a dull British found footage horror that expects it's audience to accept some fairly ludicrous plot elements to tell it's story, as well as, directly lifts it's climactic act from the classic Blair Witch Project. The silly story finds American Brody (Scoot McNairy) going on a camping trip into the moors with his British girlfriend Kerry (Anna Skellern). But, Kerry has invited her 'cousin' Leo (Andrew Hawley) along and tension starts from the very beginning with Brody not happy with the presence of this mysterious family member and his obvious closeness to Kerry. Of course a stop in a local pub brings us folk tales of devil worshipers and a phantom huntsman who hangs sinners from trees so, our supernatural element is given us, as we know this will come into play later. But, as the three settle in, truths are revealed as camera voyeur Brody knows that Leo is not a cousin but an ex boyfriend and the tensions begin to rise as Brody makes this known to both Leo and Kerry. But, once Brody goes off into the night and Leo goes off to pursue him, Kerry is left alone at their remote camp... or is she? Written and directed by Richard Parry, this is a tedious flick to sit through even at a scant 80 minutes. The fact that Kerry would invite her volatile ex-boyfriend along on a camping trip with her current, volatile boyfriend... and lie about it... is ridiculous enough to swallow but, the fact that Brody is aware of who Leo might be and actually agrees to the trip instead of confronting Kerry about it then and there, is even more ridiculous. We get about fifty minutes of this soap opera level melodrama where we find out both men are a bit unbalanced... and Kerry obviously has terrible judgement and taste in men... before the film tries to ignite a supernatural spark but, at that point we are already too bored and don't like any of these self-centered and obviously emotionally disturbed people to care. The idea that Brody would leave in the middle of the night to go hiking, leaving Kerry and Leo alone together while knowing Leo is her ex, is possibly the worst of the ridiculous plot elements director Parry expects us to accept and the fact that Kerry would let Leo go after him with the tension high between the two, makes it even more laughable. Finally, when left alone, we are given a last act where something might be pursuing Kerry and we get the full Blair Witch treatment with screams in the dark, lots of running around in the middle of the woods via camera view and the prerequisite jolt ending. It's not bad enough that the filmmakers pile improbability on top of improbability in terms of the story between the three characters but, they top it off with a completely derivative climax that offers nothing new and certainly nothing scary. The film has a scant few moments here and there such as some well portrayed tension between the three principles, though the absurd nature of what is going on ruins any appreciation of it. And the locations are well shot using their creepiness to maximum effect but, the poor story and rip-off climax numbs any appreciation of this too. A complete waste of time that either bores you with it's ridiculously contrived drama or numbs you with it's blatant use of another, far better, movie's climax. Avoid unless it's your mission to watch every found footage movie you can get your hands on.

Alain G (gb) wrote: Gaap, slecht, c-film... Ze hadden bij de derde Hellraiser mogen stoppen ipv uit te melken!

Skyler B (it) wrote: Can't imagine ever watching this garbage again...

Robert C (us) wrote: While I find this Martin Short character somewhat ammusing in small doses...I wasn't sure how he'd hold up through an entire film. But being a HUGE Jan Hooks fan and having heard about all of the David Lynch refrences and parodies involved I was intrigued enough to DVR it. There are several moments of true hilarity sprinkled throughout. Most of the really ammusing stuff (for me) usually involved either Jan Hooks or the David Lynch refrences. There are also several ammusing celebrity interviews and a few good "jabs" at Hollywood, which (as a film fan) you can't help but appreciate. But, for the most part this was mostly just silly, sophomoric, self-indulgent, fluff. Which is not an entirely bad thing (every now and again), provided you go into it knowing/expecting as much.

Susan G (mx) wrote: Over-simplified tv adaptation of Julia Alvarez's semi-fictionalized treatment of Dominican history. Salma Hayek deserves credit for bringing LatAmer stories to the screen but this 101 treatment lacks depth. Good performances from all the women but a blander than bland performance from woefully miscast Edward James Olmos. Other curiosities include lovely Salma wearing pants (um, did women in pre-1960s DR even wear pants??), Mexican mission-style church, and a tiniest cameo from Marc Anthony.

Dwight F (es) wrote: SPOILERS! This is a fun but unlikely B-Version of Under Siege with some Hunt for Red October elements. Sweet for a TV movie and the acting is excellent. If you like this style, you'll enjoy it despite the unlikely aspects.

Gaspar O (nl) wrote: Get free Starz for a year and you're gonna come across some crap. This wasn't completely horrible, but it didn't make me wanna wheeze any juice either. Peanut was adorable though!

Raji K (fr) wrote: Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in the 1987 classic action film Predator. Schwarzenegger is Major Dutch and he leads a task force that is assigned to a rescue mission. The crew heads to the deep jungle only to find the special forces they were trying to rescue have been brutally murdered and skinned alive. They kill the Soviets intelligence army they believe is responsible and await evacuation. Little do they know they are being watched the whole time by an unknown enemy that views them through thermal imaging. As they head to the site the unknown assailant makes contact killing one of the members. Only the girl they have with them saw anything and they have no idea what happened. She only says she saw the jungle come alive and kill him. One by one members are killed and they cannot figure out who is killing their men because the enemy is camouflaged or attacks from a distance with violent beams of light. As with any action film it's up to hero to take on the main villain, the Predator. The process he goes through to analyze the enemy and learn its strength and weaknesses was done very well and better than most films. Predator is an excellent action film with a fantastic villain. The idea of it slowly watching and analyzing and viewing the heroes in a stealth like manner was a quite entertaining. The design of the predator was awesome, and having it be camouflage most of the film, made its eventually reveal all the more exciting. Schwarzenegger has a great line for when he Is informed that the creature bleeds, and he replies, then we can kill it. The strategy of stealth, analyzing and learning about the enemy was patient and well calculated. While most films rush to the one on one fight, this film takes its time. Of course, you won't find an epic story or scope with this film, but it's a solid action movie featuring an iconic villain that is well designed, and that's a good formula for success. -2.23.2017

Matthew H (es) wrote: I loved Le Mans but it's not a great film in the usual sense. Throughout its 108 minute runtime, it's possible that McQueen has less dialogue than Schwarzenegger had in The Terminator. The characters in Le Mans aren't portrayed by actors. They are portrayed by cars. If you are looking for a character study, look elsewhere but if you want some adrenaline fuelled action, the racing depicted here is the best that I have ever seen on film.

John R (ag) wrote: 130124: There are some really fun special effects in this film, and then there are some really poor special effects in this film. King Kong's battle scene where he takes on the meat eaters is great but I found many other scenes looked fake. The islanders are down right scary looking, expecially if you're eight. This movie is long, the first hour being a bit slow. It picks up from there though and is satisfying enough not to feel as though you wasted three hours.

Keshav P (gb) wrote: The ruthlessness of Gordon Gekko isn't captured in this film as it was in the first one. That's the only thing that made the first one fun to watch and not having it weakens the movie. LaBeouf is just as bad as Charlie Sheen was before him, and the background into Gekko's family is an unnecessary detour the film takes. The film wasn't bad, but it could've been better.