Losing Control

Losing Control

Unable to give her boyfriend Ben (Reid Scott) a firm yes when he asks her to marry him, Sam (Miranda Kent) sets off on a series of dating adventures to find empirical proof that Ben is "the one".

Unable to give her boyfriend Ben (Reid Scott) a firm yes when he asks her to marry him, Sam (Miranda Kent) sets off on a series of dating adventures to find empirical proof that Ben is "the one". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul C (ca) wrote: A gruesome little urban horror in the same mould as F and Eden Lake.

Bobkat I (jp) wrote: those who are interested in the film industry and how movies are rated must check this movie out.

Yasin K (gb) wrote: daha iyi olabilirdi.

Mary C (br) wrote: this movie is amazing and every parent and adult that's around talented children should watch this movie.

Aaron H (ca) wrote: One of the most amazing movies ever!

Jose Luis M (us) wrote: Extraa historia sobre un grupo de monjas recluidas en un castilllo en el Himalaya, tiene una grandiosa fotografa y buenas actuaciones especialmente Mrs Kerr

Stuart K (kr) wrote: For the 11th film in Britain's best comedy series, they pushed the boat out a bit with the production. They took on the Western genre, and didn't even have to go to America to shoot it, (opting to use Chobham Common in Surrey and Pinewood Studios), and the end result is very effective, and it's alot more better than most westerns ever made. It's one of the funniest of the series, with good jokes and hilarious performances. Set in Stodge City, it has the notorious Rumpo Kid (Sid James) coming to town, he has Sheriff Earp (Jon Pertwee) killed, so Judge Burke (Kenneth Williams, always hilarious) calls for a Marshall to be sent from Washington. However, mistaken identity follows, when they send the wrong type of Marshall, this one is English sanitation engineer Marshal P. Knutt (Jim Dale), who is sent along to 'clean up' Stodge City. Judge Burke learns of Knutt's true identity, but he still thinks he's the man for the job. It's a very funny entry in the series, and it does well with spoofing the western genre. With smutty double-entendres and good slight gags, and then there's Charles Hawtrey playing Indian chief Big Heap with a camp English accent, ("Oh, helloooo!!" :P) One of the best Carry On films, well worth a look.

(it) wrote: A great cartoon, which you can watch with your family, as well as alone. But it could be much better, and it can't delight anyone.

Brett H (fr) wrote: Hard Candy is the completely demented and twisted, white-knuckle thriller about a young girl who takes the law into her own hands and turns an online predator into her prey; needless to say, this is some heavy material. The film follows a young teen named, Hayley, who poses as an even younger girl online to attract the attention of a fashion photographer named, Jeff, who she suspects is a pedophile and murderer; she then subdues and tortures him until he confesses to his alleged crimes. The real grit of this film is the constant wonder if, Jeff, is telling the truth or not and as the tension ratchets up to unbearable degrees, the film constantly switches perspective from the hunter to the hunted and you're left wondering who to actually root for. The acting in this movie is outstanding in what is basically a two-person show from Ellen Page, in her breakout role, and Patrick Wilson who is consistently excellent in everything he does. The film's imagery is extremely evocative as the color pallet shifts from lavish reds and greens to cool blues and greys, depending on whose perspective we're currently with, and of course, the obvious parallels to the Little Red Riding Hood story with the not-so-subtle, red hoodie, that Hayley wears. This is seriously adult-oriented cinema as the discussions and themes get very uncomfortable as the film goes along, culminating in the film's most notorious scene where Hayley performs what she calls, "preventative maintenance" on Jeff that can only be described as an intense scene. If you're game for some off-the-beaten-path entertainment, you can't really go wrong here, but be forewarned, this film will stick with you and the ending is too good to spoil here!

Jos M (au) wrote: Puede resultar efectiva como film de serie-B