Tessel is determined to give her boyfriend the day of his life by marrying him. But the closer the big moment gets, the more Tessel starts to doubt everything: her dress, her boyfriend, her ex and most of all herself. In the end only one thing is clear: this will be a day to remember.

Jeremy Stanton (Cain), an ordinary man, makes an extraordinary mistake. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jin Z (it) wrote: This contemporary Hindi romance is quite charming. Maybe a bit too charming and fabulous -- what do we call this? Oh, fantastic. These beautiful, fashionable metropolitan young protagonists live in a beautiful mansion or a studio apartment with a sort of French-Asian fusion charm. Their jobs? Metropolitan magazine columnist and assistant photographer. And they are in love! Certainly to be envied.

Brian S (ca) wrote: Yay for cheezy redneck zombie horror! Nice throwback/homage to the late-night trash flicks of the mid-80s. Twisted humor, liberal gore, minimal plot, and all in good bad fun. Think "House of 1000 Corpses" meets "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" meets Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Stphane B (ag) wrote: Interesting story for the fans of the series, although I'm not sure where all of this will lead since this seems to be a one shot, straight to DVD TV movie... Are we heading towards the series' revival or what??

John M (au) wrote: The Omen is always great. Remake it often.

Sean C (br) wrote: So me and my sister decided to rent this B film Shelter Island. I really cant find much I liked about this film First I'll start with the things I didnt like because I may need some extra time thinking of the good parts if any this film had. Well lets get started. Stephen Baldwin is in this film and I despised him. It seems like he is trying to hard I just didnt like his character. There is this cop in the film who is just a peeping tom and a sicko but Im not sure why the cop couldnt just be a normal guy. Overall the acting was bad, the dialogue was bad, the overall movie was just plain bad. Ok, Im done with that. Now on to the good things...hmmm what were some good things? Nope, none.

Mimi S (kr) wrote: Grade: D+ This film is another yawnsome and predictable chick-flick about a small town girl trying to make it in the big city. Violet (Piper Perabo) is a small town girl trying to make it as a singer/songwriter in New York. She gets a night job working in a raunchy bar to get by and falls in love with an Aussie boy, Kevin (Adam Garcia) who is a big fan of her music. I found the film to be really cheesy and cliche with a bad script. I found it really uninspiring and boring and considered switching it off at one point. It's pretty much a teen flick pretending to be more grown up; it follows the same formula, poor pretty girl with a sob story whose dreams come true and she meets a hot guy who turns out to be the man of her dreams. Yawn, give us something else. Whilst it had some sweet moments, it wasn't really for me.

Stuart K (fr) wrote: Directed by Barbet Schroeder (Matresse (1976), Reversal of Fortune (1990) and Single White Female (1992)), and adapted by David Klass from his own novel, which was published before the film came out. This has a good idea for a film, but it does have some very hammy overacting, but it does have some good moments of action and nasty suspense. In San Francisco, police officer Frank Conner (Andy Garcia) is on a frantic search for a bone marrow donor for his son Matt (Joseph Cross), who has leukemia. However, the only perfect match is Peter McCabe (Michael Keaton), who is a vicious mass murderer, serving a life sentence. Although reluctant to help, Conner offers McCabe a compromise including privileges, with McCabe agrees to. But no sooner than McCabe is in the hospital, than he seizes upon the opportunity to escape, causing havoc and carnage within the place, staying one step ahead of the police, but Conner needs McCabe alive in order to save his son. It's a good idea for the film, and while Keaton relishes at being a nasty killer, he is very over the top. Yet, this is one of those action-thrillers you get that would be toned down for an audience today. Schroeder is an underrated director, and he does well with formulaic thrillers like this, and he should be given more films.

Corey H (jp) wrote: This movie is a mess. The worst edited film I've ever seen.

Rory Fyfe S (ca) wrote: Liked this film. Good acting.

Alan N (ca) wrote: Not completely unwatchable really. If you can forgive or appreciate low budget special effects and sometimes laughable delivery of lines then you may find that this story is fairly well told and that the cinematography was pretty well done. If you like good cinematography that features apt angles, framing to show character status, shots chosen to foreshadow or set a tone then this movie is pretty damn good. Also, if you are fan of Joesph Campbell or Vogel with the whole "Hero's Journey" then this one is right out of the book. Enjoy!

Anthony V (nl) wrote: Campy fun with great lines like: "I know you have a civil tongue, I sewed it there!"

pete 1 (ag) wrote: not one of their best,but still has some funny scenes & routines between the duo

Andrey B (us) wrote: It's a great pleasure to watch performances of such great acresses in one film, especially in such difficult roles of troubled people.

Dane W (it) wrote: With superior effects and plenty of action, "Predator" is a film worth to see.