Lost and Found

Lost and Found

A group of relatively young (30-35 years), college-educated, smart, urban people, whose youth was destroyed in the events during the breakup of Yugoslavia, in a late search for their identity.

A group of relatively young (30-35 years), college-educated, smart, urban people, whose youth was destroyed in the events during the breakup of Yugoslavia, in a late search for their identity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dawn (fr) wrote: I liked it...it was predictable in a way...but also strange. Worth a watch! I liked it......I think if you like strangers coming to a house and being creepy...you will like this one.

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Chelsey T (br) wrote: This movie made me like Emmanuelle Chriqui more as an actress, not to mention Usher was pretty good too.

Steve S (br) wrote: Helps to put it in context

Jacob M (it) wrote: This film starts out with an interesting premise, but soon descends into some pretty weird stuff. Decidedly darker than the previous three films, (which is saying a lot) this movie feels more like a standard horror movie, and less like the epic space films from Scott and Cameron. In addition, the final 15 minutes are so incredibly weird and disturbing that one has to wonder what the writers were thinking when they wrote the script. The best part about this film is the improved special effects since Alien 3, but they are still not as good as the effects from Stan Winston in Aliens. Between this and its predecessor, I'd take the slightly dry Alien 3 for sure.

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Anna B (ag) wrote: Neil Jordan masterpiece, from out of nowhere! I was really not looking forward to this movie for a number of reasons (historical biopic over two hours long by a director whose movies have failed to click for me), but I was thoroughly entertained by it from start to finish. Jordan's relentless pacing is breathtaking, it's desperately sad but never sentimental, and Neeson gives one of the best and most charismatic performances I've ever seen. He, and the movie, never stop moving. It's beautiful to watch.