Lost and Found in Armenia

Lost and Found in Armenia

A US Senator's son who attempts to forget the break up of his fiancée is forced to vacation in Turkey by his best friends. A para-sailing trip mishap lands him in a small village in Armenia, where he is accused of being a spy. It is there he meets a young woman who helps him to escape from misfortune.

A US Senator's son (Jaime Kennedy) who attempts to forget the break up of his fiancée, is forced to vacation in Turkey by his best friends. A para-sailing trip mishap lands him in a small ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samie S (ca) wrote: The public only get to see what is deemed we should see by the greater powers that be, Out of mind out of sight. This documentary and others are important for people to understand and learn from what is cool about war and what war really is. Personally the only thing cool about war are the combat uniforms and all that firepower which dreives from my childhood. The reality of war is ...hell.

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Din J (mx) wrote: Refreshing change of role for Daniel Craig and the adult cast are faultless. Mrs Rodgers has some cracking lines. Great direction and beautiful cinematography in both the States and the UK. Could go on to say much more but some of these reviews merely confuse. I'll just add that if you're human and don't mind a few tears then check out this movie.

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Tim S (jp) wrote: Bloodlust: Subspecies III picks up right where Bloodstone: Subspecies II leaves off, unfortunately. The same actors are back, including the whiney lead and her expressionless sister, but there's an additional cast member or two in there. Nothing's really changed all that much from the previous film, which was boring at times and didn't really have much of an ending, at least compared to the first film. I would say that this third film is only slightly better than the previous one, for a couple of reasons. First of all, the lead is not quite so whiney, and she somewhat embraces her destiny instead of weeping about it all the time. Next, there's a slight bit of comic relief from the police chief character, but he's also a bit more interesting in a character sense than the leads. Third, Kevin Spirtas is back and he's not a doubting Thomas this time around, which got annoying. Fourh, and last, the film has a proper ending. Now all of these things doesn't mean that the film is much better than the last, only slightly. It's still boring and seems to be going in the wrong direction. Personally, I would much rather have seen a couple of films about Radu versus his brother, but unfortunately, that didn't happen. The positives are still there, but overall, it just feels like retread. At least they continued to film in Transylvania. That's always a good thing, but not everything is.

George G (jp) wrote: I remember having this on VHS

Eliabeth A (es) wrote: The Confessor starring Christian Slater as the priest. This movie had promise, but it didn't quite pull it off. It was a mish mosh of subplots that just pooped out, leaving the whole movie disjointed. The characters were so undeveloped I felt nothing for them...nothing.The movie dragged on and just when I thought it might get good...it didn't.