Lost Boys: The Thirst

Lost Boys: The Thirst

Vampire hunter Edgar Frog is destitute and nearly friendless, when the beautiful vampire-romance novelist Gwen Lieber offers him a small fortune to go on the vampire hunt of a lifetime and save her brother from an army of newborn vampires who use a new drug called the Thirst, which is a mixture of Ecstasy and vampire blood. Realising he can't do this alone, Edgar turns to his brother, Alan Frog, to help him save Gwen's brother.

As the lost boys and girls of San Cazador prepare to party under the Blood Moon, an alpha vampire conspires to turn these unsuspecting ravers into an army of undead. Now it's up to Edgar and Alan Frog to fight for the future of the entire human race. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin R (us) wrote: Whilst it doesn't feel like any more than an extended version of a Mitchell & Webb sketch, its an enjoyable movie with a great ensemble cast. Just a pity it doesn't really rise to the potential heights that it looks like it could manage on paper.

David W (au) wrote: The fact this got a 72% makes me question the validity of rotten tomatoes.

Colton D (ca) wrote: I wanted to like it, and I was very intrigued, but it wasn't good enough to satisfy.

Joey F (au) wrote: This movie gets a bit more hate than it deserves. It isn't great, but it's certainly decent. It's not even the worst of the Golden Era of Pixar in my opinion. It's the second worst.

Dave S (br) wrote: This is a classic comedy for me. I can go back to it every couple of years and still enjoy it and even appreciate it every time I watch it. This movie is so Kevin Smith in every way. If you are a Kevin Smith fan, this is your movie.

AJ T (br) wrote: "Why You Don't Love Me No Mo' Jody" lol!!!

ashorena L (mx) wrote: Really true story ..me like.

MF J (kr) wrote: A good film about the young & unpolished artist Jean Michel Basquiat. It's well done, well acted & beautifully shot. Good film.

Jack A (us) wrote: i was really excited to watch this movie when i first heard of it, heard great directors, actors, people saying how good it was so i had high expectations but when i saw it last night i was really disappointed it was a decent film but it definitely not that great, hated a lot of things, like the lead character always asking to have sex, every word comes out of his mouth is filth , acting wasn't that great, if u wanna see go for it but don't expected to be that great.

Randy T (fr) wrote: Ann Sheridan is on a quest for fame and fortune. Jimmy Cagney is on a quest for Ann Sheridan. A terrific little rags to riches to rags story replete with music and boxing and a dancing Anthony Quinn.

Nathan B (fr) wrote: Excellent comedy with a great cast! This is the closest thing you'll get me to see that involves religion! Love the songs, the storyline, and the actors and actresses! Kathy Najimy, Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith...the list goes on and on! LOVE IT! Now that I think about it, I think I need to pick up the soundtrack for this movie someday.

Claudette A (ca) wrote: A classic psycho movie of the 90's. It's a classic as there has been no other film of the same storyline. Julianne Moore looks very different from 30 years ago with all the plastic surgery she's had.

Michele W (ru) wrote: Great characters and acting. Many characters that you love to hate. Look out for these actors in the future.