Lost Dogs

Lost Dogs

New age travelers kidnap the prized dog of a Bristol Antiques dealer, with dire consequences.

New age travelers kidnap the prized dog of a Bristol Antiques dealer, with dire consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lost Dogs torrent reviews

Nihar R (fr) wrote: see this movie it will change your definition of Indian cinema

Paul A (ru) wrote: I thought this was a funny movie, it had alot of funny scenes, better than I thought it would be although it's a highly unlikely scenario. Worth watching if your in the mood for a family.

Shiela E (es) wrote: This movie was a confusing, convoluted mess with plot holes big enough to drive a semi through. It had its creepy moments for sure, and I was right there until the end, hoping against hope that all the things that had been left unexplained would be revealed before the credits, but no. Johnathan Rhys Meyers and Julianne Moore are teriffic as is Jeffrey DeMunn (he also played Dale in the Walking Dead), but otherwise, you could skip this.

Donald M (ru) wrote: My kid who is auhtistic Loves this Move

Wahida K (it) wrote: Getting Fired By Woody Allen Was Just The Beginning

Aim M (ag) wrote: The freaking cinematography, loved it! The movie itself had nothing really magnificent...

Jeff T (br) wrote: Pretty interesting actually, I mean horrible, but good in a way.

Ian H (br) wrote: A fascinating examination of Henry Darger that is inventive and tells a really great story and only really stumbles when it tries to tell maybe an hour's worth of story in an hour and twenty minutes.

Paavo L (au) wrote: hyva pikkuleffa epaonnisesta poliisista. Leffan vahvuus on onnistuneet hahmot ja se etta ollaan tietoisesti lahdetty tekemaan taman tason elokuvaa eika tavoiteltu kuuta taivaalta. Nain lopputulos on parempi kuin osiensa summa.

Dan O (ca) wrote: Works because of the strong source material, but also fails because the director messes it up at times.

boobie n (kr) wrote: I'd watch anything that had Sean Bean in it, but aside from that I've watched this several times & I luv' it!

heav c (ru) wrote: I like this movies is nice

Yvonne Q (au) wrote: Good story. Pretty sad what happens in other countries.

Lucas M (kr) wrote: Absurd is an understatement but Almadovar manages to weave camp with an intricately layered story.

Jarrad B (kr) wrote: Interesting version of the story but with many gaping plot holes. the CIA chick was well over the top.

harry (ru) wrote: very good movie stage and screen versions, they different endings tyler perrys

Derrick C (ca) wrote: The characters were enjoyable, it just wasn't a very interesting movie. You knew what was gonna happen from the start and it just made you hope that they would keep you entertained. For the most part they did, cause it was a lighthearted tongue in cheek kind of film, but it got tedious toward the end. Check it out if you have to, but really your not missing much here.

Brian B (us) wrote: Terrific! Snipes is tailor made to be Blade!

Gavin P (kr) wrote: An odd 80s rom-com - but not unique, given it's one of a dozen 'love from beyond the grave' films. Downey Jr. is super-young and his usual charming self, but the story's a little too strange - the do I love my wife, or my daughter angle, plus the best friend that secretly loves your wife angle is hard to take. Not too many funny moments and it's all too blas.

Bearded M (it) wrote: Wow, I had such high hopes for this movie, and although it was not as bad as some people say it is, it is really not all that good. I think the main problem is they made an action movie set in the west instead of making a western with some action in it, and then add in the supernatural stuff that is not accurate to the character and it just doesn't work. Also, although I don't think Josh Brolin did a terrible job, I think both Nathan Fillion and Thomas Jane, who were also up for the roles at one point, would have done a better job. Lastly, I think it is a sure sign that when Megan Fox is doing the best acting in the movie that something is not right, heck this movie even had Michael Fassbender, but he was mediocre in it too. It is just a real shame, this could have been great, but for the most part it comes off as a remake of Wild Wild West, which I think we can all agree, is never a good thing.2 Beards Out Of 5