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Lost Flight


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Andy C (kr) wrote: An interesting premise in itself as the franchise's films imitate the games on which they are based by releasing two films which run parallel, core events remain the same, however each features key details which set it apart (such as the legendary Pokemon aligned with the antagonist, and other minor changes). An interesting marketing idea indeed and as much detail and Pokemon based antics as ever, but for some reason. Most likely my advancing years and the mileage the series has been through, the lofty height of the early films are not challenged.

Matthew W (nl) wrote: Terrible direction mars this picture. The acting is the best of the bunch up to the point but too much flash over substance and yet another disjointed story create a haphazard affair. There are so many disappointments for characters and story integrity, too many under-utilised character stories and too much compromise to the story itself.This could and should have been a much better and grander affair. The story really lacked the drama and emotional impetus in its crowning moments, due entirely to a lack of build to them and with the opposite effect it had fun in all the wrong places, the story itself naturally has its comic moments, instead the jokes were left to simple shock and awe tactics, cheap laughs.

Private U (es) wrote: Fab - Angus Macfadyen is wonderful; even better is Tim Robbins' direction.

Jacob B (ca) wrote: A-A stylized, nearly documentary-style look at the years of glam rock with great cinematography, even if its ending feels laggy.

Rain W (de) wrote: Definately want to see this. The second story is by Clive Barker from the 4-short story collection of The Inhuman Condition...one of my favorite Barker books.

Joel V (it) wrote: Skeptical viewers may balk for whatever reason. A child star. Drew Barrymore. An uninformative, generic title. A silly, go-nowhere plot. But a quick scan of the cameos should at least allow for a seed of hope that this movie might be cool. John Deihl--Commissioner Gilroy from "The Shield", Jack Nance (nuff said), Dick Miller (previous cameos from Joe Dante's films like The Burbs and Gremlins should give one a good impression), and Flea. Now, I know there was a time when a Flea cameo became trite, but this is one of the good ones. At any rate, the cameos are only a small part of the joys of this film. It boasts a base level of--get ready for it--optimistic cynicism that is both buoyant and desolate. I know that sounds like tripe, but it was a discernible sense that pervaded some of the best early 90's B movies. Remember, that was the era when "independent" actually meant something beside a bunch of navel-gazing hipsters talking about sex. This is similar to early Gus Van Sant, stuck in a blender with Alex Winter's Freaked, and more than a healthy dose of Adam Rifkin's screwball nihilism (The Chase, The Dark Backward). In Motorama, misanthropy and youthful exuberance vie for the viewer's emotions, scenes are at turns whimsical, disturbing, and laugh out loud funny. I found myself admiring the concepts and the characters choices. Gus is without a doubt the smartest kid since Badger from Better Off Dead. Of course, he has to be. The opening scene, where we can hear his awful parents verbally abusing each other is harrowing, even by the morally devoid standards of the early 90's (and I say that in the best way). Gus's search, his quest is to find a sense of society, a sense of how people can get along without irony...it was something that it took our society at least a decade to accomplish, if that's even completely accurate.At any rate, this is a fun, WTF movie with plenty of interesting aspects, certain to instill a sense of early 90's nostalgia and brighten your day. Highly recommended.

Carlo V (de) wrote: regista superiore... film superiore

Magill F (de) wrote: A total piece of "FEAR THE AUTHORITIES" propaganda. The totally disjointed composition keeps you from getting attached to any of the bit-part characters, and it has a crummy downer ending that's totally uninspiring. You're not missing much if you skip this.

Jill F (jp) wrote: Tim Roth is really good and the scenes with the kids are hilarious.

Shacor D (mx) wrote: Exceptionally Crafted!!! Hands Down The Best Drama Of The Millennium.

Rubie Nichole G (kr) wrote: I thought it was great to see original Jim Carrey. He doesn't have all his quirks we see today yet. The story could have had some work, but all in all it is enjoyable.

Bridget L (es) wrote: Simple dialogue, straight forward story line but feels real. Genuinely uplifting rom com.