Lost in Plainview

Lost in Plainview

While traveling across the country two young women are being terrorized by a psychotic Highway Patrolman. A bloody trail relentlessly follows them across the southwest and the only way for them to survive is to become what's hunting them.

While traveling across the country two young women are being terrorized by a psychotic Highway Patrolman. A bloody trail relentlessly follows them across the southwest and the only way for them to survive is to become what's hunting them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J D (kr) wrote: I couldn't put my finger on the reasons I wasn't drawn in by the story. I didn't feel connected to any character and therefore, wasn't invested in their stories. All I can say is, it wasn't horrible.

Spencer S (ag) wrote: It's very difficult for me to understand the motivation for Larry David to write and star in this HBO original film. More than anything, this film probably exists because David wanted to do something bigger and more lascivious than his television series, but if you've seen the show than this is more of the same. The premise sounds appealing, but the actual film is just weird. Its plot roves where it pleases with very little care, and there's really no point in the end. The show "Curb Your Enthusiasm" always wrapped up all its incidentals and had a point at the end of every episode. A lot of the film is improvised, like in the show, but without the show's cast of familiar characters this film is just random people being angered by Rolly's (David) antics, and that's not satisfying. There may be forgiveness from fans of the show, who want to see more of the same, but for outsiders this is a strange and unpleasant mess.

Steve R (br) wrote: Still some interesting stuff going on here.

Eva J (jp) wrote: Cute, funny, quirky movie. Plus I love Toni Collette. Definitely check it out if you have Netflix.

Ms Southern L (ag) wrote: I was REALLY disappoint in this movie. Its a cute movie, but I thought it would be alot better then what it was. I'm glad I didn't see it theaters. It wasn't worth the money.

John O (au) wrote: Wow. What a movie. Compelling and horrifying, in ways I never expected. Helluva plot twist.

Torion O (jp) wrote: Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem's characters were the only ones that gave this movie the drive I wanted, and when Brolin's character died off-screen it was pretty anticlimactic, and very disappointing. It jumps from various points of view, which adds to a sort of inconsistency prevalent throughout. Despite Javier Bardem's thrilling acting, it couldn't really take away the sense of not caring much for any of the characters, even himself. This sense I describe can only be labelled as a Coen Brothers' specialty that I think is much more honed and better used in movies like Burn After Reading and Hail, Caesar!, but here it's not used in the same spunky way and instead makes for a slightly disappointing movie.

Val L (de) wrote: I'm tryin my best to find those movie that Angelina starred in when she is not that famous and i found out they r wicked gd. So i'm thinkin of tryin this one

Rick Q (us) wrote: the plot is ridiculous, but "shadows and fog" pulls off the absurdity fantastically. woody allen directs a fine cast, who all give convincing and often quirky performances, which are are accented by beautiful black and white cinematography. the film manages to have a perfect amount of quirkiness, humor, drama, and craziness and trades off from one to the other naturally. it's not a film for everyone, and even many woody allen fans might not be too crazy about it. but i would put "shadows and fog" among the top five best films in allen's library.

Greg P (ru) wrote: If it were possible to burn away your life, oh wait, just watch Talk Radio. This was easily in my top 10 list of worst movies ever watched. Let's put it this way, Alec Baldwin couldn't save it and he saved Canteen Boy! I have no words that are fitting for this film. It is not even worth repeating one second of the film. HA! I called it a film. It is exactly like having a boring 6 hour dream then repeating it to someone word for word. This was NOT good watching!

Judge L (kr) wrote: WOW!! No wonder it took so long for me to see this one. Trash!!

Matt G (nl) wrote: Bolt is almost fine, but can't get past its own derivative tendencies. The premise is interesting, a dopey Hollywood misunderstanding ala Galaxy Quest, but clearly wasn't thought through. It's funny, but never consistently so. Travolta is does his best, but I'm not sure he's that well-cast. Even the emotions, while noble, are just a blatant ripoff of the Toy Story films. A lightning rod of Meh.

Blake E (mx) wrote: Looking at the cover of this film I expected some really cheesy B-grade film, but what I got was a really intense film that had me on the edge of my seat all the way throughout. I really enjoyed it.

Move M (us) wrote: Awful movie in history.