Lost in the Mountains

Lost in the Mountains


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Harry Z (nl) wrote: 3.5/5 I've just seen the movie. And i loved it. Interesting story, loved the CGI, i enjoyed the numerous easter eggs from japanese horror, stephen king, lovecraft, pearl harbour, titanic, harry potter.The problems? even if it's 2 hpurs long it seems a bit too rushed, some chtaracters dissapear from the plot, other don't really evolve with the plot. I think that this should've been a two parts movie.

Wes T (jp) wrote: This movie should be mandatory for all American citizens. It is absolutely mind blowing and eye-opening and will make you want to literally "do something about it". It's just a shame that none of us know where to start. But this is a gripping tale of a terrible injustice that is being done right here in our own country - The country that is acclaiming to be "land of the free". Will blow your mind. Very sad.

Jordy N (ru) wrote: This movie is phenomenal and extremely underrated check it out it's on crackle but anyways there's enough action horror comedy to make this film go all the way it's so underrated it's got a great cast with Nick Frost

Panos T (kr) wrote: A highly intellectual cinematic experience.

Brandon W (ag) wrote: When I saw the trailer, I thought it was refreshing to see a found footage film where a psychopath holds the camera and films it, that alone got my attention. But when I watched it, The Poughkeepsie Tapes felt uninspiring to me. It was dull, not that scary, and it didn't felt new to me. It was freaky at times, but it didn't hold my attention from it. The acting was decent at best, and the movie is better than the other found footage movies, it's even better than John Erick Dowdle's film Quarantine who made this. Didn't care for this film, and it could've been better.

Michelle C (au) wrote: I couldn't get through the first chapter of the book, and the movie is only marginally better at trying to tell this love triangle story. I'm writing this half way through the movie, as I don't see how the remaining scenes will improve my rating or assessment. Not much story, and not much in characters. Meh.

Sue B (ag) wrote: Rosalba is the best part of the movie-- very light, filled with a vast array of diverse and odd characters.

bill b (gb) wrote: experimental film. totally

Michelle M (it) wrote: dean martin and jerry lewis are sooo funny together

Another V (nl) wrote: Avatar feels like an epic. How to define it? It's a humans vs aliens story, and in it the humans are the bad guys. It's a political statement against destroying the environment, against destroying other cultures we deem more primitive than ours, against mindlessly destroying things you don't understand, against killing the wrong tree, against careless destruction of nature, against having too much fun with and feeling too casual about war. It's a request to look at the beauty of nature with fresh eyes, to look for the little miracles.There's also a love story here. Blue alien love. :) And, cross cultural love.It's full of action, it's sci fi, romance, and adventure. Very well done, interesting blue makeup and computer graphics integration. Oh, and there's dragons, and the blue aliens ride the dragons!If you want to see what a cat-human might look like, take a look.

Daniele C (jp) wrote: Ah Lars Lars, how sick (and great!) must you be to make such movies?

Barry L (us) wrote: surprisingly entertaining comedy starring Kirsten Dunst as a cheerleader who must come up with a new cheer for the championship. sure the plot is predictable but the jokes are there and the acting is a lot of fun for all ages.

Batool I (br) wrote: One of those movies that I didn't expect to relate to, but OH I was wrong! I was seeing myself through her pain and struggle. They did a great job of picturing what it is like to be away from home. I cried a lot, and sometimes this is all I am asking for from a movie.