Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel

Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel

Comedy - In 1970s Atlanta, a diminutive gay man tries to find succor from the small-town religion that filled him with self-loathing. He meets Miss Make-Do, who teaches him the fun of reckless behavior and emotional management via getting higher than a kite. The film stars Leslie Jordan (who also wrote the screenplay) and features a host of cameos from John Ritter, Marilu Henner, Kathy Kinney and others. Julia Jay Pierrepont III directs. - Leslie Jordan, Erin Chandler, Mark Pellegrino

A repressed 40-year old man from a small conservative southern town finally leaves his home and travels to Atlanta to be openly gay only to find that his low self-esteem constantly causes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel torrent reviews

Rachael E (kr) wrote: I laughed so much I could hardly see the movie. Apparently I need to close my eyes to laugh really hard. There are parts you'll want to re-wind just to see them again ( especially if you missed them through laughing too hard the first time)

Tamara S (us) wrote: I enjoyed this film...nuff said.

Reynard J (de) wrote: Classic movie ending. We can find happiness in the end.

Clayton M (kr) wrote: rivals 'the last waltz' great director & a great performance by all

James R (it) wrote: A very good low budget western style film.

Katie L (fr) wrote: Love this movie! when i was a kid, my dad had to buy it from the video shop because i rented so may times. 'tell them to tell him to tell them nothing'

Justin W (jp) wrote: basically, a satan worshipper (who was also a nazi, apparently) kills people. some dude tells everyone that god doesn't exists. another dude tries to convince that dude that god does exist...and so does satan. and the satan worshipper eventually gets some sort of kidney transplant or something in the end. i dunno. the whole movie kinda blurs together. it's not the worst movie i've ever seen from an entertainment perspective...but i still wouldn't really recommend it.

Patrick B (br) wrote: Wow... THIS is how to do infidelity.

bill s (us) wrote: Three short stories of horror all tied together in the end by how bad this movie suxxxxxxx.......the only one clowned in this movie is the viewer.

Paul F (us) wrote: I've no idea what I just watched but boy, was it gripping.