Lost Indulgence

Lost Indulgence

After a car accident which kills him, the wife and son of a taxi driver take in the injured prostitute he was driving.

The relationship between a teenage son and his mother become complicated when they take in secretive young woman into their home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eeb W (us) wrote: A nice twist on the romantic-comedy genre, focusing instead on the increasingly strenuous relationship of two best friends as one of them finds her soul mate. The reason I decided to watch this movie was because (A) I'm a secret fan of Gillian Jacobs and Leighton Meester and (B)... actually, that's the only real reason. So in essence I wasn't expecting too much, I just wanted to see Britta act outside of Community and Blair Waldorf play a lesbian. And on both fronts the movie delivers. 10 points to Gryffindor!Paige (Jacobs) is an up-and-coming successful lawyer who's got her shit together and had had her business in order since day one. Typical type-A. Her lack of successful relationships prior is relayed implicitly as a result from needing someone free of any hint of quirks. Sasha (Meester) is her best friend, and has been her best friend since their college years. She is still working as a secretary, and is not focusing so much on that job because she thinks she needs time to work on her music career. Type-B. Not that there is a problem with being a starving artist, except Sasha is not actually working on any music. The best thing the two girls had going for themselves are each other, but that is until Paige meets Tim (Adam Brody), A doctor. Losing her best friend to the rival boyfriend, Sasha reverts into an extreme form of her typical self: one-night stands with young women who still live their parents and drowning in deep-fried cheese sticks feeling sorry for herself. On the other hand, without Sasha, Paige reverts back to her controlling old ways as her best-friend had always been the one that allows her to let loose of her naturally controlling demeanor-a characteristic she received from her mother.The rest of the film is how they cope with their newfound problems without their former significant other, but will it bring them back together or actually lead them further apart?This movie has its moments, a few suppressed laughs here and there, but I don't think I laughed out loud except maybe one time. My rating may I may be a little bias because I like the main cast for reasons unkbeknownst to us all...... I thnk Leighton Meester is hot... Back to the point, that is not to say that Gibourey Sidibe didn't have her witty moments, because she definitely does. I actually would have preferred more focus on Sasha hanging with her close-knit lesbian friends because those were the funniest parts.Also, there was not any mystery of how this film is going to end: it is obvious from the beginning that these characters are flawed hence will need to get over them by the end of the film. This, indeed, did lead to lulls in moments of inaction because suspenseful moments without the suspense are just time wasted.imageLike all romantic comedies one does need to be in the mood for it before she or he can cherish the art. But as this is a genre that has always been and will never die it is hard to be original. This one is original in its own way and relevant in many ways considering the way this country is accepting same-sex relationships as human nature, and rightfully so I might add. Having a best-friend of the LGBTQ community or vice versa will inevitable become more and more common.I say check it out if you want to watch something light, fun, new, and RomCom-esque.2 derogatory terms towards women out of 4Just A Thought

Aditya M (jp) wrote: One of the more bizarre films you'll see - nevertheless this may rank among the all-time greats when it comes to movies featuring tires as protagonists.

Private U (mx) wrote: Horrible acting, but I was able to actually finish it. I wouldn't pay to see this...

Janette O (ca) wrote: Had past this one many time on my Netflix queue finally watched it the other. It really wasn't to bad

Robert B (ag) wrote: 13 Conversations is an interesting little film. It is neatly filmed with solid acting to the extent that I wonder why I don't find myself rating it higher. Thinking about it, I believe my disappointment is because I had expected that a movie about happiness would be more emotional and more optimistic. Instead, the overall vibe is bittersweet and a bit heavy on the bitter part.

Randy T (br) wrote: Somewhat edgy, somewhat anticlimactic. Buscemi's directing is superb but his casting is hit & miss.

Jacob S (mx) wrote: Really takes you inside the the struggles of all parties involved in the crack game. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. No one really wins when youre dealing with this shit. Also, Errol's description of his life/habit has an awesome delivery

Ken D (gb) wrote: Even though there was a couple of good things, more towards the end, this movie was very boring and bland. I had hard time trying to keep interested in this. Excellent production values, but even that couldn't save this movie.

Kylie U (kr) wrote: Beautiful but very sad. A happier alternative ending was apparently shot, but may have been destroyed... a shame, it would have been interesting to see. Another impressive score from a winner of the TCM Young Film Composers Competition.

Cheryl L (mx) wrote: A bit different from the first 4 Rocky films but really enjoyable. Great new characters.

frederator d (br) wrote: BAD IN EVERY WAY! Thats all i'm going to say.

Alex H (fr) wrote: If any pleasures could be considered guilty, this would be one. Despite its complete lack of connection to its source material, Super Mario Bros. is one helluva fun trainwreck to watch. A bizarre hilarious disasterpiece.

Jeremy C (ag) wrote: Good, but flawed and unfinished .... Peckinpah

Brandon P (ca) wrote: Although the movie doesn't have the best film quality, or the best actors, or the best screenplay, or the best budget, does not deter it from having one of the most important and timeless messages ever produced in cinema.So often I find not only critics (of course known for being undoubtedly critical) but also regular movie goers making an unfortunately harsh reviews on a movie because it's not the next Clint Eastwood blockbuster without giving careful consideration to the film's plot and message. I believe that story, theme, purpose, and message trump any special effects, costume designs, or other crap that could easily be peddled into a movie that has nothing to say.This film speaks volumes about an issue that is so rarely addressed to this extent in media. It boldly holds a mirror up to the intolerance of society towards ideas that cannot be proven with simple explanations. Best movie to ever receive 15% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Facu J (kr) wrote: 4 de esas 5 estrellas van por las horas que me pasaba pensando en Alba all en mi infancia.