Lost Lake

Lost Lake

A young couple travels to a deserted town to try and find their mysterious uncle, only to discover that ghosts are real and very dangerous.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
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A young couple travels to a deserted town to try and find their mysterious uncle, only to discover that ghosts are real and very dangerous. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lost Lake torrent reviews

Petri H (jp) wrote: The idea of this movie is quite hilarious but the furher it goes, everything is kind of falling apart. This is yet another (not a special one) parody that has been released since 'Paranormal activity' hit the theaters. However, there were more than a few moments that made me laugh.

Jack K (de) wrote: Franco's documentary is both informative and hilarious.

Jose Luis M (gb) wrote: Lo mejor de todo Carey Muligan, la banda sonora de David Byrne y el estilo visual de Oliver Stone.

Dave J (gb) wrote: Friday, December 2, 2011 (2007) Lake Dead HORROR At the beginning of this straight-to-rental horror flick, an old geezer gets killed by an unknown sheriff while attempting to drive away from this isolated motel! Then the film jumps to 3 teenage girls who inherited this motel before estranging their actual father before going to move there along with other friends and during their stay, they uncover some horrible secrets espcially that the motel is standing on Lake Dead! All this is, is another low budget imitation of "Psycho" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" where the assiliants who live and are caretakers of the motel are dysfunctional! Why watch this one when they're better ones to be seen! 1 out of 4

Nick A (ru) wrote: Time travel is always a touchy subject as afterwards it leaves you wondering on all the seemingly easier ideas they could have gone with. However this one was done with goofy idiot villains and thus was bearable in it's lack of good use on time travel

Glenn C (de) wrote: I'm a sucker for the "Friday" movies. Being Christmas time and all I indulged in "Friday After Next" recently. The original Friday was an urban-hood comedy masterpiece but the second movie (Next Friday) was a big let down comparatively speaking. It was a different film and while still highly amusing, a lot of the original charm and modesty was lost... whereas this third film takes things back a few notches and tells a simple story. Craig and Day-Day are robbed on Christmas Eve by a Santa bandit. Their rent money is gone and they have to make it up quick-sticks before being evicted. They become mall cops and spend this Friday stirring trouble, smoking dope and partay'ing till the sun rises. Its stupid and fun. The gags are great and John Witherspoon steals the show for a third time running. Ice Cube has confirmed that a 4th film is in the pipeline (Last Friday) with Chris Tucker a near certainty... just waiting on the studio to sign off on it. I hope they do. I love this stuff.

Dick H (jp) wrote: No words needed,certified classic

Sarah F (gb) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Tolik T (es) wrote: "Just catch me a bad guy," he orders Sabich. From this simple directive, Presumed Innocent turns into a delicately interwoven entanglement of private, public and self-interest. The ingenious premise of the mystery is simple: What if the "bad guy" is the prosecutor? Turow, himself an experienced prosecutor, knows the terrain, and his insider's grasp of how the system really works has been richly captured by Pakula.The case against Sabich grows more persuasive, and he is further undermined by the way he has handled the evidence. He had an adulterous and torrid affair with Polhemus that she broke off, creating the suspicion that the murder was the enraged act of a rejected lover. Factors and constituencies beyond his control and even his understanding come into play, and he is formally charged with the killing.

terry a (br) wrote: this movie is cool i was there watching them during the filming of this movie

Tom C (kr) wrote: Prepare to be bored; and to be hated for being so. While critics may hail this as a masterpiece of German Expressionism and condescend any ignorant rube who dares to contradicts them, the fact is this film is lackluster. The generic orchestral music used to set the mood is mind-numbing, the fun-house props look like the rejects of a high school wood shop class, the kooky text was, at times, hard to read, and the story wasn't engaging until the big twist at the end (which gave it some slight redemption). I'd recommend skipping over this one unless it's required viewing for a college Film Theory class.

Jireh A (ag) wrote: Honestly, it is heartwarming and funny! It easy to makes children but it is hard to become a father.

John R (mx) wrote: A few days ago I had a mid-day sugar craving, as I often do. Sometimes its bad and I buy a bag of skittles, but I didn't want to do that this time, so I took a walk to the library; I knew that the 6th floor digital media center always had a jar of delicious gummy bears out. Free candy! I grabbed a handful and looked through the computer to see if there were any movies I wanted to rent (also to validate my coming up there and taking candy). I had nothing in mind, but the librarian was right there and very friendly as always. I had been feeling pretty down in the dumps, and so I asked for an uplifting, feel-good movie, and this is the one he brought out. It did not disappoint, Midnight In Paris was wonderful, thoughtful, funny; a feel-good movie for sure!