Lost Signal

Lost Signal

After leaving a New Year's Eve party, Kevin (Al Santos) and Tiffany (Sandra McCoy) find themselves battling the elements as well as inner demons as they try to make their way out of the deep forest.

After leaving a New Year's Eve party, Kevin (Al Santos) and Tiffany (Sandra McCoy) find themselves battling the elements as well as inner demons as they try to make their way out of the deep forest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Morgan B (es) wrote: Terrible picture quality. Boring Movie. The plot was not terrible but i wish they put in more effort into making the movie. It's just a few people in a room getting therapy. It will make for an okay YouTube mini movie.

Steve S (nl) wrote: pretty good movie but there is some crap in it that dont need to be that makes it drag out

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Jim S (au) wrote: Watchable British gangster flick about a former IRA man being forced back into the life, though the low production quaility and mediocre story/acting combo don't make for a flick I'd recommend.

James P (ru) wrote: Not what I expected, it's like a love story.

Amy B (us) wrote: The manga is a million times better, but I cannot help but love the movie as well.

Andrew F (ca) wrote: I love this film, 1st saw it nearly 15 years ago and its still good now

Cheryl S (gb) wrote: Quite possibly the worst movie ever made. This is the one to beat.

Mark N (fr) wrote: Adult sex comedy with some fine performances and ideas that surround a plot that is a little too loose to be a classic. Seeing some starts at the height of their comic and dramatic powers. Today the same thing would be done without class or the nuance that makes something genuinely funny or sexy.

Joakim I (ag) wrote: Betyget skulle blivit hgre om det inte var fr den kassa dubbningen.

Kellen V (ca) wrote: The Purple Plain is the story of a Royal Air Force pilot at the end of the second world war. Bill Forrester played by Gregory Peck struggles to come to terms with the death of his new wife who was killed at an air raid during a party. Bill longs for death, he flies into areas that he isn't supposed to and is nearly killed the first time in the film, he sustains a minor injury and is forced to undergo a psychological evaluation from the resident doctor. Rather than evaluate Bill the doctor offers to take him into the town located in Burma, there he meets Anna who is a teacher. The two almost instantly catch each other's eyes, Things are going well for Bill until during a flight he is shot down with two co-pilots and they must make their way through the jungle back to the base. The film takes advantage of it's surroundings and gets some wonderful shots, It was shown recently on AMC and the technicolor looks great. Gregory Peck does a great job although i'm not quite sure how his hair is perfect the whole movie after being: shot down, falling off a clip, and sweating in severe heat. Yes the film is a tad predictable at times, but it still is a rewarding enough/decent picture. If you get the chance check it out AMC has been showing it quite a bit or just que it up on your netflix account if you're bored.

Tim C (fr) wrote: Never seen this, but always wanted to.

Michelle R (mx) wrote: Thought maybe since I loved Funny Girl this one would be good too. But I was wrong... very very wrong. Granted I did not watch the entire movie but I just couldn't bring myself to.

Mike C (es) wrote: This is made-for-TV stuff, so how did this get a 93% rating? A good cast can't do much with a mediocre screenplay. I don't recommend this.

Andrew R (ca) wrote: Terrible accents, awful story, rubbish film

Amanda W (it) wrote: Panders to what the masses believe hipsters live like. Also very white whiny.

James P (ca) wrote: A lot better than what I thought it would be.

Daisuke A (br) wrote: Had it not been deliberately steered toward a tragic ending, I would have enjoyed the film much more.

Marc G (kr) wrote: Note to self, don't cheat on those two.